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This is a list of all of the arena combatants and arenas in Armored Core 4.

Client Pack Data

Pack ID Client Reward FRS Unlocks
NDP-S001 GA America 800000c 20 HD-KRAKEN
SDGA RANK-A Rosenthal 125000c 10 CHEYYENNE02
SDGA RANK-B Rosenthal 70000c 5 Nothing
NDP-E001 ROS-OME GA America 220000c 15 03-MOTORCOBRA
NDP-C001 RAY GA America 250000c 5 AXIS
NDP-C002 AKV GA America 60000c 5 Nothing
SDBFF RANK-A Rosenthal 250000c 10 050ANSC
SDBFF RANK-B Rosenthal 130000c 5 Nothing
NDP-B001 LEO GA America 200000c 5 RG01-PITONE
NDP-B002 ALD-MEL GA America 150000c 5 HLR71-VEGA
NDP-A001 EQB-TEC GA America 170000c 5 CEREBERUS
NDP-X002 MAGGRIB GA America 50000c 3 Nothing

Arena Rankers

Pilot ID AC Name Rank Pack ID Reward Notes
Berlioz Supplice No. 1 NDP-S001 450000c Rayleonard's legendary hero of the National Dismantlement War. A pragmatist and consummate soldier, his skill has earned him the exceptional privilege of using parts from other companies.
Sahdana Attman No. 2 NDP-S001 450000c The wizard of Eqbal who pilots a reverse-joint leg AC. Both mathematician and zealot, his fighting style defies all understanding at times, making it difficult to counter.
Anjou Orleans No. 3 NDP-C001 RAY 320000c An Original, and the queen of close-range combat. Countless top-rank Ravens fell before her custom great laser blade during the National Dismantlement War.
Leonhardt Noblesse Oglige No. 4 NDP-E001 ROS-OME 250000c Rosenthal's only Original. His consistent success on the battlefield stands as a justification of the Company's extreme quality-over-quantity philosophy.
Mary Shelley Prometheus No. 5 SDBFF RANK-A 250000c The undisputed empress of BFF's military force whose long-range sniping tactics formed the basis of the Company's official style.
Celo Testament No. 6 NDP-S001 500000c Omer's golden boy, a youth possessed of AMS compatibility far above the norm. While his indisputable genius makes him an ideal test subject, immaturity hampers him on the battlefield.
Tepes V Silver Bullet No. 7 NDP-C002 AKV 200000c A surviving first-gen LINX, armed with Next-piloting experience from the earliest stages of their development. Rumors suggest his end is near from severe Kojima poisoning.
Wong Shao-Lung Strix Quadruped No. 8 SDBFF RANK-A 250000c One of the very few elderly LINX still active, this wise and unwavering professor of war is also Mary Shelley's caretaker and guardian at BFF.
Sir Mauresou Lambda No. 9 NDP-B001 LEO 200000c The quintessential Original, defined by extreme self-consciousness. His skills are proven, but his strong desire for power makes him a handful for his handlers at Leone.
Menno Ruh Primitive Light No. 10 SDGA RANK-A 250000c GA's strongest Original and ace in the hole. The heavyweight bipedal juggernaut she pilots mirrors her unwavering will and fundamentalist fervor.
Aabye Memento Mori No. 11 NDP-C001 RAY 150000c Though Rayleonard's primary force, this infamously powerful Original sees limited action because his reckless use of firepower often affects allies as well as foes.
Zanni Roughcut No. 12 NDP-C001 RAY 150000c This reverse-joint leg pilot from Rayleonard utilizes a variety of powerful boosters in a unique 3-dimensional combat style. Widely known for using experimental new parts.
Palmette Anzu No. 13 NDP-E001 ROS-OME 150000c Omer's other Original. While lacking Celo's genius, her stability and high AMS compatibility allowed her to perfect Omer's brand of unique aerial warfare.
Sherring Critique No. 14 NDP-B002 ALD-MEL 280000c An Original with Aldra, wielding high-output EN weaponry. A Raven during the National Dismantlement War, this veteran is unfazed by the bells and whistles of new technology.
Unseel Red Cap No. 15 SDBFF RANK-A 100000c The infamous rogue Original from BFF who favors ECM and a sniper's rifle. Despite constant boasting, he'll stoop as low as he has to in order to win.
Kasumi Sumika Ciliegio No. 16 NDP-B001 LEO 320000c A sparse field record leaves much of this female Original a mystery. Her craft, made of Leone's latest parts, is considered the strongest in the Company's arsenal.
K. K Liver Drive No. 17 NDP-A001 EQB-TEC 110000c This Eqbal Original's mastery of the physical blade dates back to his Raven days. Though difficult to use, the weapons overpowering force slices through even PA with ease.
Stiletto Les Annees Folles No. 18 NDP-B002 ALD-MEL 100000c Melies' sole LINX pilots a tank type AC with EN firepower pushed to the max that rivals even mobile fortresses with its destructive abilities.
Francisca Helix I No. 19 SDBFF RANK-B 150000c BFF Original and heiress to the Wolcott legacy. Often deployed as a vanguard unit paired with her younger brother Eugene, her solo capabilities are limited.
Eugene Helix II No. 20 SDBFF RANK-B 210000c A capable LINX known for his balanced AMD compatibility. Most often deployed as backup for his sister Francisca, his level head and decisive belie his young age.
P. Dam Hilarios No. 21 NDP-C002 AKV 90000c This Akvavit femme Original operates a first-gen Kojima tech AC. Though known for her combat skills, emotional instability occasionally derails her ability to complete the mission.
Mrs. Theresia Karyon No. 22 SDGA RANK-A 125000c GA Europe's dedicated Original, a quirky embodiment of GAE's unique Next battle ethic. Her experimental quadruped differs from most GA designs.
Missing N/A No. 23 N/A None N/A
Warcar Kurumagakari No. 24 SDGA RANK-A 200000c Former tank pilot now working as an Original for Arisawa. His craft's physical armor outclasses other LINX's, and is paired with enough firepwoer to flatten an army.
Borisovich Bogomol No. 25 NDP-A001 EQB-TEC 80000c Though Technocrat's middle-aged LINX's combat style is as rough and imprecise as his Company's parts, Bogomol's raw power forces foes to tread carefully.
Nadezhda Droit Fevered Flow No. 26 NDP-A001 EQB-TEC 120000c This Eqbal Original fought in the last days of the National Dismantlement War, popularizing the development of weapon-type arm parts to compensate for low AMS compatibility.
Michael F Kanonenvogel No. 27 NDP-E001 ROS-OME 150000c Former Raven and seasoned pilot from Rosenthal's Next tech test division, Saphirus Force, who now commands an azurite AC on the battlefield.
Anil Hassan Carrion Crow No. 28 NDP-A001 EQB-TEC 120000c Elite LINX selected from Eqbal's Bharat squadron. A born soldier with considerable battlefield experience and the skill to see his mission though.
Missing N/A No. 29 N/A None N/A
Mido Auriel Null No. 30 NDP-E001 ROS-OME 130000c Omer's talented princess, selected after the National Dismantlement War for her adaptability and experience. She holds Omer's top rank for close combat.
Sara Angelic The Blue NEXT No. 31 NDP-B001 LEO 80000c Still just a young girl, this LINX is a test case for Leone's unique military modus. Her record suggests the test was a success.
Enrique Elkano Triana No. 32 SDGA RANK-B 150000c The first LINX found by GA's special committee, armed with an adaptable middleweight biped stocked with enough missiles to cover the battlefield.
Shinkai Split Moon No. 33 NDP-C001 RAY 70000c Promoted from prototype test pilot to full LINX with high hopes, his performance has earned him a place in Rayleonard's core cadre.
Iakchos Anima No. 34 SDBFF RANK-B 70000c Formerly a Next tech engineer, this unique LINX now pilots a quadruped like his superior, Wong Shao-Lung. Though a solid theoretician, his skill in battle is as yet unknown.
Unite Mons Tyrant No. 35 SDGA RANK-B 50000c This half-baked LINX stands as a symbol of GA's insecurities. Even in a Next using a weapon-type arm, he lacks the AMS compatibility to be much of a force in battle.
Roadie Feedback No. 36 SDGA RANK-B 50000c Another rough-cut LINX in the vein of Unite Mons. A match for only a small squadron of Normals, his style involves complete dependence on his AC's firepower and armor.
Ay Pool Vero Nork No. 37 NDP-B001 LEO 50000c A brand-new addition to Leone's roster of LINX, his missile-heavy support craft is rumored to have been designed for Next-on-Next combat.
Jan Blind Bold No. 38 NDP-B002 ALD-MEL 270000c The most recently-added LINX among the Companies. Little is known beyond his history in the national army, and his crushing successes on the field thus far.
Unknown N/A No. 39 Unaffiliated None This is the player character.
Joshua O'Brien White Glint No. 40 NDP-S001 500000c An early AMS test subject, this ideal mercenary from Aspina pilots a custom AC tuned for extreme speed. His tactics are sure and refined.
Amazigh Barbaroi No. - NDP-X002 MAGGRIB 320000c One of Maggrib's irregular LINX, and pilot of an Eqbal-based lightweight custom AC. The iconic hero of the White Africa anti-establishment movement.
Sus Asyut Minya No. - NDP-X002 MAGGRIB 50000c The Maggrib Liberation Front's other irrgular LINX, pilot og an Arisawa-based tank AC. Dull in judgment, his skill on the battlefield is a pale shadow of Amazigh's.