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    I Love Armored Core, have nearly the entire collection (physically!) on PS2, and am stoked about AC VI coming out (ABOUT DAMN TIME)

  4. Introduction Welcome to the first season of NEXT! The New Era and Extreme Tournaments! A round robin & single elimination tournament for Last Raven. This thread is an informative guide on everything you need to know about this tournament series. The tournament is an open invite to all Newcomers or players whose abilities aren't exactly at Elite level. This will be your chance to finally play for more than peanuts on a discord, but to push yourselves in an environment more conducive to organized play. I believe there isn't any further need for an introduction so let's dispense with the formality. To note: This is a tournament for rookies or players whose skill level isn't at the higher or highest level of play. Terminology Season - May refer to the entirety of the event or exclusively to the Round Robin phase of the tournament. Game - A bout between two players in a season, play-off, or finals consisting of a sub-set of rounds to determine a winning condition. Round - A single bout within a game in a series of either Best of or First To. BOF - Best Out of or Best Of X (variable placed on X) is a series of rounds to determine a win condition for a game. A player is declared victorious for winning a greater number of rounds against their opponents in a game. The amount of rounds given to both parties are an odd number in which the minimum winning condition is that one of the players achieve a greater winning value than their opponent. FT - First To is the alternative to BOF and refers to a set number of rounds required for a player to win by defeating their opponent exactly the amount of rounds before their opponent does. The player to first reach the limit of rounds through victory is declared the winner of the entire game. Example: FT5 means the player who can win a total of 5 rounds is officially the winner of the game. Kill - To temporarily disable a map in rotation or a pool from being selected by an enemy player. Map Pool - The allotted maps players can either select or pill throughout the event. Eliminated - When a player has been defeated and is no longer eligible to continue their run in the tournament. Play-Offs - A Single-Elimination semi-final penultimate event in the end of the Round Robin phase of the tournament's season. Play-Off contention is determined by players with the highest winrate in the Round Robin phase (or known as "season") Finals - The ultimate and concluding game for the tournament's entirety where the champion and 2nd place players are inducted. Banlist - A ledger of parts that are not eligible for competitive play in the confines of the tournament and including limited use of the part's allowance in play. Phase - Refers to the segmented division of the tournament's format from the season (round robin) to the playoffs (single elimination). Set - The round robin "Round" nomenclature for this tournament to differentiate between rounds in a season. Schedule - A time assigned to players or a timetable to which the tournament phases are to be concluded. Book/Booking/Booked - A game to be determined between two parties at a predetermined date, in the process of, or already determined. Format NEXT is a tournament with two combined formats in a singular event segmented into phases. The event is segmented into 3 phases and will enter these phases when the conditions of the tournament is completely met. The Season - This will be considered phase 1 of the tournament. A round robin where every player in attendance must fight each other in a game series BOF3. Traditional brackets for single or double elimination is replaced by a consecutive set of games every one player must compete, with each game being a different player of the tournament until all entrants have been challenged by each other. The amount of players a contender must fight is based on the number of participants entered and Round Robin assures all players have fought each other at the very final set of games. The players with the highest win percent may proceed into the 2nd phase of the tournament (play-offs) and all the remaining entrants are thereby eliminated. To Further illustrate Round Robin: Player 1 through 8 have signed up and are beginning their season. The brackets are shown: The example above depicts that at no point players will have a redundant match. Every player in the tournament will have faced one another in battle. This ensures that the most qualified players are those who can defeat the greater amount of challenges then the others. 8 Players in a round robin means that only the top 4 contestants will advance to the next phase. The remaining players in the Season are eliminated from the tournament.
  5. Spreadsheet link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BjGGszdkypRgwnVgPeNDyYGP4M4X41rC_6mQIA4WrjM/edit?usp=sharing Summary of biggest lockbox per lock type: -Standard: FBMB-18X. Best for missiles overall. - Special: QX-21 or QX-AF - Wide and shallow: QX-AF - Narrow and deep: QX-9009
  6. Last Raven Hand Weapon Tier Chart 2.0
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