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  1. Densuo


    Well. Cotto maintained some sort of relevance after putting Delvin to sleep in the 3rd. he brought back his body attack and his left hook was in good form.
  2. Gonna be picking up my US Copy of VDay tommorow. too bad we didnt get a us collectors
  3. Densuo


    It's been awhile. Now that Victory day is out, I need to dust off my PS3 and get back in shape. anyway. on to some fights: Chavez Jr. is worthless. I no longer have any respect left for him. he took a fight at a certain weight, keeps raising it to light heavyweight, effectively loses, and is given a gift decision. Did anyone really expect Canelo to beat Floyd?
  4. I use them for raining down fire while I'm high in the air. or as a bootleg shotgun
  5. Densuo


    Good fight actually. Cotto blodied his nose with a solid jab, he was fighting Peekaboo stance (Mike Tyson) for most of the fight and did good. Mayweather probably didnt look as good as Pac but it is arguable that Cotto banished his demons when he KO'd Margasleezo and came in with renewed vigor as opposed to looking like a shell of himself when he fought pac. Pac v may needs to happen immediately after that terrible piece of crap that is Paac v Tim "King headbutt" Bradley
  6. Densuo


    good fight this saturday. Mosley needs to retire.
  7. Can't agree too much with that. When you fight the leader he makes mention of you making all the time and effort into having all those puppets go to waste.
  8. All fun and games, guv. I do think RD was Human +'d while the Zodiacs and the Zodiac Operator where all Human+'d Clearly most of them were in later stages of enhancement.... or something... Some seemed in control. others were more machinelike. What about the worker bees though? Let there be peace in the world!!! Those guys had to be on some shit
  9. I learned this the hard way. I find while in the air, just drop and boost forward. Take far less damage that way. I think Heavy RJs kind of ignore the traditional turning speed deficiency... I typically use high power'd boosters on them and shut them off after a quick boost while on the ground so I can turn hard. From there I boost again and wall jump in an erratic direction if need be. Still I do feel rushing down an RJ is still the way to go.
  10. Chief is an alien. You're an alien. Chief is a dick so you Heel Face Turn. Fran's a wimp but grows a pair. Rosary was trying to hard to be like I dun care lol. her Bright Slaps did nothing for RD who was a bitch who thought running would give him balls but still died like a bitch. Leon was a bro. Edit: The Chief is really noob. Pendragon is RD. Niji is Rosary.
  11. I'll believe it when I see it. I'd prefer the patches but we'll see
  12. Does this apply when you see a STAGGER error, or only when you see your AC flinching hard? I get Stagger errors alot on my RJ but keep it moving.
  13. Oh I have a shit load... I'll begin compiling data immediately. I just dont have Excel or excel like program...
  14. Just beat the shit out of Firefly at the Marine Facility, he likes walking forward into everything. Just punch him in the face with your knee and then take him out to dinner to make him feel better about being your personal crash test dummy. Ironic that he has Dual Napas in the back
  15. I suppose leg stability would factor in on the ground, but it shouldnt in the air.
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