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  • Birthday 09/11/1989

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    NC, Durham
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    Rain, water, ice, and everything nice.

    Blood, bone, bile, and everything vile.

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About Me

AC History:


Armored Core

Armored Core:PP

Armored Core: MoA

Armored Core 2

Armored Core 2: AA

Armored Core 3

Armored Core SL

Armored Core NX

Armored Core NB

Armored Core LR

Armored Core 4A

Armored Core V


Notice a few missin' games? :J


Preferred style of combat: STEEL RAIN.


ACV History:


Once joined the Raven Republic and their allies, attempting to quell the Zeon Elite threat. After some drama, schemes, plotting, everything just got boring. Founded the Traitor Legions, but dropped that idea too. I ended up playing Dark Souls and Diablo 3, quit online play altogether.


Not much for competitive play, leaning more towards cooperative/collaborative play.


Current Status:


Currently working on an interactive story called "Rain City" on F2F. Basically an RP, but it has continuity and backstory. Much of it takes place 30000 years in the future, and features a plot device called 'Infinitum Particles'. I might adapt the RP elsewhere if desired.

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