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Shattered Heaven > Shattered Heaven: Sins of the Soul [Kindle Edition] $2.99 Released

Posted 03 April 2012

$2.99 on Kindle. Audio Book series to be released on itunes later this year.

This is my mecha based novel. Many who know me are familiar with this. Currently I'm working on a direct to dvd animated feature. I could use the support if people would pick it up. If you email me a receipt of your purchase I'll send you a digital copy of the...

Shattered Heaven > Shattered Heaven Novel Finally Available For Purchase

Posted 11 July 2011

This update is probably a long time coming for me. The first novel in the Shattered Heaven series was released today and is now available for purchase. All information for the novel including sample chapters, audio excerpts and even the original soundtrack can be found:


Shattered Heaven > Shattered Heaven Act 4 Released

Posted 23 June 2011

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Watch Here:

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This week along...

Shattered Heaven > Shattered Heaven: Constellation Of Fears Episode 1 Original Mech Audio Drama

Posted 05 June 2011

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Episode 1 "Chasing the Azure Sky"
Run time: 24 minutes

Synopsis: An elite force from the Trinity Alliance has been sent to...

Shattered Heaven > Shattered Heaven Episode I: Sins of the Soul Release June 2011

Posted 23 May 2011

Most of you who are on this site know me, have known me through ACO when it was good etc etc. You also know that I'm a serious writer, someone who has always enjoyed telling stories and telling them well.

Most of you have read Shattered Heaven as I was writing it and posting it on ACO, and well, finally, it'll be on sale next month. I'm...