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  • Azure Knight

    Shattered Heaven Episode I: Sins of the Soul Release June 2011

    By Azure Knight

    Most of you who are on this site know me, have known me through ACO when it was good etc etc. You also know that I'm a serious writer, someone who has always enjoyed telling stories and telling them well.   Most of you have read Shattered Heaven as I was writing it and posting it on ACO, and well, finally, it'll be on sale next month. I'm waiting back on some edits this weekend, but the goal is June 2nd.   I'll post more information when everything is set. But still, it's going to happen.   T

Shattered Heaven Novel Finally Available For Purchase

This update is probably a long time coming for me. The first novel in the Shattered Heaven series was released today and is now available for purchase. All information for the novel including sample chapters, audio excerpts and even the original soundtrack can be found:     http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/248123_223473597664049_165110893500320_959099_3457487_n.jpg     http://www.shatteredheaven.com

Azure Knight

Azure Knight

Christianity Running Amok in Ghana

Well..   I'm glad to see that the modern Christian following hasn't been apt to leave all the witch killings to the Muslims throughout the Middle East, the Papua New Guineans, and India. It's also good to see that the Christians are not a group to be outdone, as the African statistics for human butchering and execution for "witchcraft" is simply staggering by comparison to the rest of the world combined.   Wikipedia Link   I wonder what works the Catholic Church does in Africa to combat this?  

Shirtless Crackhead

Shirtless Crackhead

An intelligent bit of Conservative Politico

I'm all for equality, but anybody who knows anything, can look at Europe and see what a cluster-fuck it has become due to Political-Correctness Police Policy, or as I like to call PC PP (for the annunciation factor). In many countries in Europe you can be charged for hurting someone's feelings, provided they are part of a particular group that can claim just about anything as discrimination, racism, sexism, offensive, etc..   Now I'm going to rant about free speech and equality.   But first, I'd

Every Tea Party Position Wrong

This is a vid of a guy I like from YouTube, FederalistFilms, making a very long video, smashing a guy called WildBillforAmerica (who lies about being a retired Deputy U.S. Marshall). Bill is the ideal Tea Party stereotype in terms of political think, so if you were wondering what they think, and how wrong they are; this video is for you, provided you have the patience of the saint.     Oh, if you were wondering about this fraudulent claim about being a Marshall.    

Fox News

If you don't realize how much power media in this country has, your an idiot.   That being said, it's politically brilliant, perfectly legal, and down-right American to corrupt the political forum by media control.   Here's a playlist from a very good youtube user I've been a long-time fan/subscriber too, (156 vids and counting).

Shattered Heaven Act 4 Released

http://azure-productions.com/ap_julyupdates.jpghttp://azure-productions.com/Act4%20Release%20Blog.png   Watch Here:     http://azure-productions.com/Novel%20Blog.png   This week along with the release of Shattered Heaven Act 4 comes the release of the first vol DVD. It is free to "order", all I would ask is to cover or split the shipping fees which shouldn't be much. The first volume DVD contains:     The first 4 episodes of Shattered Heaven Season 1 Textless Opening and Ending Minisodes #

Azure Knight

Azure Knight

The Hitchslap

Here is a series of short videos from Christopher Hitchens.   I highly recommend watching these tid-bits if anyone thinks they might be interested in his books.   It's good stuff, IMO.

Shirtless Crackhead

Shirtless Crackhead

The problem of democracy.

I love democratic style Government, but I also have to recognize the massive 2-part problem it causes.   #1. Mob Mentality   #2. Bureaucracy   So let me go into detail what I mean by these two problems.   Mob Mentality, is not just the inherent collective IQ drop people have when they clump together. I also mean the mentality of how it's influenced in a modern society; media, social networking, etc.. There is ever less credibility put forth in information, and an increasing drop in credulity amo

Shirtless Crackhead

Shirtless Crackhead

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