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Yeeeeeeep..Or Yup. Which ever you prefer.



Well I was just surfing around youtube out of boredom and I found this

in one of my random music searches. Guy has a lot of emotion. I used to feel this way, and when I hear this song it brings back those good feelings again. Almost makes me want to bust out singing. :D



On another note, I'n a few days I'm going to post Chapter 1 of one of my stories and see what everyone thinks. I'm a bit rusty in my writing tough.

and I recently found some people who loved a game called Jetmoto, reigniting my strange obsession with this game and the fact sony needs to put it on the PS3.


Now what happen with Jetmoto is a real shame. It was originally developed by SingleTrac, A old Playstation developer. Singletrac developed Jetmoto 1 & 2 which were both really great games, one improving on the other, but SingleTrac broke up and became 989 Stuidos. 989 studio's then developed Jetmoto 3, which in my option wasn't a bad game, just not a good jetmoto game. Now 989 wasn't a bad game developer, but they changed the chemical make up for Jetmoto and Twisted metal, Another SingleTrac game. Thus it alienated a lot of the fans and caused Jetmoto to be dropped, The same happend with Twisted metal but it survived to make it's most recent appearance. on PSP . Now if they went back to the old style of game play with modern physics, I think this game would sell, but enough of my history lesson. I'm sure I bore most of you with my geek knowledge.


Now where is that X button.. There it is!


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