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Shattered Heaven: Sins of the Soul [Kindle Edition] $2.99 Released

Azure Knight


$2.99 on Kindle. Audio Book series to be released on itunes later this year.


This is my mecha based novel. Many who know me are familiar with this. Currently I'm working on a direct to dvd animated feature. I could use the support if people would pick it up. If you email me a receipt of your purchase I'll send you a digital copy of the original soundtrack. I can't say how much I'd appreciate it. Even if you don't have a Kindle, you can have Kindle software on pretty much any smart phone or tablet, even download Kindle software on your computer!











After years of exploration and terraforming, Mars has become stable enough to sustain life. New resources have been uncovered and a race for their exploitation has begun. The year is A.R. 100, a century after humanity's run in with the threat of extinction. War rages on the Martian surface between the two allied governing nations of the world, the Trinity Alliance and the Euro-Asian Pact, while war machine developers such as Genesis reap the benefits with their contribution to the world in the form of mechanized frames; giant robotic power suits piloted by brave men and women. Adam Novus, a teenage intern at Genesis finds himself aspiring for more out of life. Wanting to join his brother Stephen in the Trinity Alliance military as a frame pilot he trains with no restraints. Finally when he is given the opportunity to prove his skill tragedy strikes and he is quickly thrown into the dark, unrelenting chaos that is war.




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