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first blog of mine in ACU...



ahem well, where should I start....alright I'll begin with this.


as I knew (or everyone here knew) I'd joined ACU since it borns. I'm still have some problem about how I talk (by typing) to people, what I did is just using easy-understanding words. sometimes I was disappear for long-long time and get back here sometimes.


who am I before? yeah, everyone knew I'm a guy who can draw AC fanarts and posted a bunch of designs around here. (less designs posting for ACV anyway) AC : MoA was the AC game where I'd start playing with, when I'm looking back on the thing I've done (didn't mean a song from BSB :-/ )




I'd followed AC series for 15 years!!! I can't believe this! but it was happening.


at range of 15 years of mine, I knew ACO first...and at first I think that was a place that I'd belongs to (until EJ broke leave his own house and let it broken by the time) and then ACU is the next place of mine.


in timeline between ACLR-ACFA, I'd live around ACU and talk about designs by the most of time...until mechaverse was coming to my life, now I'd moving around here-there (I mean moving between ACU and MW)....that was the fun time for me to meet many people with many different type, so fun for the past. but then ACV has been released and that makes me almost truely disappear for long gone...because I'd to joined a team with my own country for solved the language problem. (but I'd go back here and posting some designs anyway)


the point is...I thought I could feel fun to talking with my own people by my own language.........yes, it was fun...but too short than I thought.


and I'm also thought about played the games (especially AC) until I get old and died...


but it's not. it wasn't fun to play games anymore (at least for PS3 and ACVD) so I'd decided to drawing and improved my drawing skill instead. (yes, you all know this already, if I told you before I'd back here with a bunch of brand new drawings of mine...my drawing skill was freezed from somewhere like 10 years ago do you believe this?)


anyway, this is my second time to get back here for long run, and might be live here longer.


now I can says this (ACU) is somewhere I'd belong. I'm feel so happy to talk with people around here (might be more than any place by now)


thanks to know all of these guys, thanks a lot ACU.


2014 Taurustrin.


**I have something to confess, at first I couldn't understand why ACU have a lot of people with no more playing new era of AC games (for me, new era is start at ACFA - ACVD) and talking for other games more than AC things? now I think I understand why (because now I'm become the one too haha)**


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