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RGB Saga - Pre Beginning #02



now, continue with the angels and demons **remember, I didn't based on any other stuff...so there is my personal vision about angels and demons in mind**


angels. of cause, all angels might be live in heaven and all angels also had a chance to be higher class or fall down to human or hell, and that's us to mind of each. anyway, I'd tried to listed on each class of these angels, let's take a look.


1. Under Heaven Class. the lowest class, all of things that this class gotta do is do all good things, no matter small or big thing. to get in higher class.


2. Angel Class. higher but still lower class, still do the same things as Under Heaven Class...but more to get higher.


3. High Angel Class. higher class with have license to fight in the army of heaven or have some specialized job to do. to get the higher class, High Angel could PvP fight to get promoted.


4. God Class. had a spectacular skill. being commander of each job, also can command all of angels. anyway, there is still have higher than this. ("Gizer" live in this class)


5. Jubilee Class. this class made from top class of 50 gods who proved their skill. and "Mono" is the leader of 50 gods.




now, the demons, while angels had class but demons has totally different because they think class doesn't matter, since class of each demon can tell by how strength it is, more strength mean higher class by it self.


(the story that I wanna tell is Vampire is the high class of demons but "Red" is the highest than any demons or even any vampires cuz' he is the divine vampire, also his power has nearly god)




we had angels and demons...but that's not enough.

well, the higher race than angels and demons called "the Unity"

.....they had unknown number because they are many person from many earths of many universes.

.....they had a lot more powerful than angels and demons, some says one Unity can destroy the whole world.

.....one of my character that is the one of Unity, his name is "Rules, the Unity of the rule".


the rules of Rules has 3 to know about him,

1. you cannot refuse my rule.

2. if you refuse, you will die.

3. I can give you a bless. if I give you once, I cannot give it back until the bless has been use. (the story had a case of this rule, special case)


.....anyway, the king of these Unity are "Chaos" and "Cosmos", twins with very most powerful among Unities but still under "the Five Creators"


detail of the Five Creators later.


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