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Hello everyone



well lets see I was told by a friend on final fantasy XI, that I should stop talking about random things and make a blog

So.... might as well go with it.


Well lets begin with a bit about me, I sold my soul to the gods of gaming long long ago when I first heard of MMORPGs.

This began a steep decline with me playing various games in that genre the main one I haven't been able to quit since I picked it up is final fantasy XI.


Then came the rolepalying games.... any glimmer of hope I had of a life were cast aside. I mainly play D&D 3.5 and pathfinder.... 4th edition D&D just isn't my thing.

I've also dm'd a few Cthulhutech games which in my opinion is an excellent setting and system, along with paranoia (the friend computer is watching you). Finally,

eventually going to be in a Rogue Trader game in the Warhammer 40k setting... I'm the captain of a crew of 400,000 people( bets on how many survive the first sortie are open).


well from that the slope keeps getting steeper and now I play wargames as well with the little metal and plastic miniatures, started with Eldar in Warhammer 40k which eventually I dropped to play Demons. Eventually got interested in Warmachine and Hordes where I've sworn allegiance to Lord Toruk the father of all dragons, and the Legion of Everblight, oh and the angry elves with gu


so after all that mess I decided why not. I'll go get a job as an artist... yeah... apparently you can go to college for that.


oh that too...I'm also into anime and manga with my favorite artists and authors in no paticular order are (Isuna Hasikura- Spice & Wolf), (Tsutomu Nihei,-Blame, Biomega, Knights of Sydonia), and (Mamoru Nagano- Five Star Stories)


well, running out of things to type right now so that is all for this post.


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