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Shattered Heaven: Constellation Of Fears Episode 1 Original Mech Audio Drama

Azure Knight




Episode 1 "Chasing the Azure Sky"

Run time: 24 minutes


Synopsis: An elite force from the Trinity Alliance has been sent to Mars, their mission; to find and bring back the former Alliance member, the Azure Knight also known as Adam Novus. Xander Belellus, a commander in the Alliance finds himself torn between duty and emotion as he heads the campaign to bring in the former Alliance ace. In the mean time the EAP is working on a prototype frame that they hope will turn the tide of the war.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Shatt...165110893500320

Azure Productions: Production Site


Shattered Heaven is a novel series that I've started years ago and around 2007 I made an animated series sequel to my third novel. The first novel is going through the final editing stage and will be available for purchase this coming July. Shattered Heaven is a mecha drama series focusing more so on character interactions and their development over time. Though there are good actions scenes as well, can't have a mecha series without good fights!






In the year AR 106, the war between the Trinity Alliance and the Euro-Asian Pact has escalated to its most devastating height. No longer are nations hidden from the truth about their Government's movements and even their motives. The battles have taken to the heavens as space ports and moon bases have become finalized and outfitted with offensive capabilities. In the shadows of the conflict, deep within Mars, near what has been labeled as the South Western Territory a battle rages forth under the noses of many. The EAP have been working to develop a new type of frame that runs solely a new energy source that was recently discovered. Testing pilots and their capabilities and sync ratios to the machine they have come up empty and with no hope in sight they realize their time is drawing near. When an Alliance battalion arrives in the area in search of ways to pass through the South Western Territory they find themselves unveiling the last EAP outpost on Mars. The EAP test pilots have no choice but to try and defend their last home. During the conflict one soldier from the Alliance comes across the EAP project known as Constellation. The last outpost becomes a tragic battlefied where these soldiers put all they have on the line to protect what it is they truly hold dear.




Xander Belellus: Murdog09

Megan Rose: Aya Shinomoto

Jason Strife: Beatblox

Travis Sanders: Kiryu-Kun

Mason Trevor: Benjaminz

Kyle Ford: Arklight

Will Ross: Jazzydj

Alice Wayward: Yineth

Stephanie Zane: Kaurituso

Lust/A.I.: Merodi

Ashley Belellus: Melissa D. Johnson "Mippa"

Sharon Amare: Morgan Barnhart "mochan"

Adam Novus: Adam

David Lepidus: Haruhost

Mechanic: Monotori


Created/Written/Mixed: Azure Knight

Music: Projecttrinity


"Dilema" from the Shattered Heaven OST


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