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    Art, Music, Writing, Movies, Video games.
    Concept art and writing are things I wish to pursue.

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  1. Nomrah

    Posthumanism ala ATEO

    That's kind of how I feel whenever I post, me blogging my art or something about sfv. I enjoyed your responses to this list. I don't really have time to put together my thoughts though.
  2. Cool, I like that arab scimitar dude and the girl next to him.
  3. Nomrah

    Nomrah's Art Thread

    Thanks, GG is such a cool franchise. I'm sure more will be added into Revelator 2 besides Baiken and Answer, so many great character designs people want to return.
  4. I hear you on the time thing, I've been struggling to muster up time for my hobbies because of work and other things. Those are some nice shots though, the side by side comparison of the sketch to 3d is cool, and those last two sketches have great angles.
  5. Nomrah

    Nomrah's Art Thread

    back to the drawing board haha, decided I should try sketching her first to get more familiar. So much easier when drawing at this scale, drawing big is harder maybe because my eyes have to travel more to keep everything consistent with each other. The other one just wasn't working out. http://i.imgur.com/O6PnBkg.jpg
  6. Nomrah

    Nomrah's Art Thread

    haha yeah, It's a work in progress, she like tripled in bust size for her Revelator debut which personally I don't have a problem with. I keep messing with her breasts, they look different now especially the cleavage line lol. Overall this drawing is proving to be a challenge, but at least I feel like I'm leveling up. I usually don't draw characters this large on the paper, I'm used to drawing the full body length which is much easier for me.
  7. Nomrah

    Nomrah's Art Thread

    Posted this in chat, but I've been working on a drawing of Baiken from Guilty Gear this weekend. I know her left eye is supposed to be closed, I just drew it to get the face correct, left eye wont be visible when its done. Hopefully I can stay focused and actually finish it. http://i.imgur.com/QNEcMIT.jpg
  8. Nomrah

    Taurus's Art Deck

    I really like this one, its a cool design, its clean.
  9. Nomrah

    Street Fighter V

    Season 2 is pretty bad, It's a joke really, I'd love to hear an explanation from Capcom on their reasoning behind this mess. At least I'm now putting in time learning Guilty Gear though.
  10. Nomrah

    Street Fighter V

    Yeah man, online is full of Akuma's and Guile's atm, Urien is looking crazy good right now as well. Sick Urien play from Nemo https://twitter.com/Anti/status/815656057544421376?lang=en I'm back to actively playing again, changes to Chun were pretty frustrating at first but was ironing things out and running sets with some strong players this weekend. Not as many opportunities for aggression and its harder to lead into her bnb since cr lp is 4 frames now and cr lk doesn't lead into it. I'm mainly focusing super heavy on further improving my neutral at this point, your Cammy would be even more difficult to deal with in a close quarters scramble at this point, something we gotta do again soon.
  11. Nomrah

    Street Fighter V

    Was going to put new art in my qanba q1, but upon removing the plexi-glass I found out that the plexi was not clear and that the art was attached to it. But I replaced the qanba buttons with the new sanwa's and ordered new clear plexi's.
  12. Nomrah

    Street Fighter V

    Capcom nerf F.A.N.G. why? Makes no sense... Akuma is such a monster. Tokido and Momochi are both showing some good Akuma play, Daigo possibly switching priority to Urien??? Would be very interesting.
  13. Nomrah

    Street Fighter V

    Thanks, yeah Chuns still looking good, I have no worries, I'm excited to get the new combos down. I was starting to appreciate her neutral game so much more towards the end of the season, I'm learning to ease off the pedal a bit which is a good way to enter season 2. Also season 1 I did not train myself to reliably counter-hit confirm, that's something I'm going to focus on right away. I'm hype for your Akuma haha, can't wait.
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