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  1. Yeah, stability effects reload speed. I get it now. I don't know why I thought that way but jesus christ 100/150points of stability seems to really fuck with your reload speed. Reload speeds own stat not effecting itself without stability being factored is just a mindfuck for me.
  2. Maybe it's recoil resistance. When Savage changed from biped/bucket to the heavy rj/sieg his tansys rate of fire shot way the fuck up. I thought he was using something with much much lower reload time because that's how it it appeared.
  3. His rifles had a base reload of 45. Not 41. Also his stability or resist was higher. I'll pull numbers from him in a minute. Got his stats as compared to buckethead and the CINTO/ LG/104-2 build compared to the siegfried and the heavy rj legs. Edit: Recoil Resistance: 1812. Stability: 1192.
  4. Except he didn't change his arms at all. Just switched to heavy RJ legs with the buckethead to siegfried and fucking showers me with tansy bullets. Edit:Svir2 arms never changed on him to clarify. He just moved his head and legs around and I couldn't punish him fast enough with the new changes it had made. Both of our rifles seemed to have equal time despite him have ones that have have a base time of almost triple of mine. Edit: Buckethead.
  5. I would agree with you if lower defense and higher drain severly hampered your offensive weaponry. They don't. I suppose this all stems from the fact that I watched a friends dual 44 reload time tansy's effectively cut in half just thanks to head and heavy RJ legs. I mean they don't even have rapid fire or anything. They just legit got cut in half reload time ( or holy shit did it look/feel like it ). I've got a 1/3 his reload time on my tourneys 15v44 reload time and his appear to still shoot either A. slighty faster or B. slighty slower. That's fucking stupid no matter how you slice it.
  6. The issue is RJ leg's fucking suck in the stability department with the exception of one or two heavy pairs. I understand it's a new game but when when every fucking one of my designs has to have siegfried or beowulf to offset those issues it becomes somewhat aggrivating. It's like fucking 063 arms all over again.
  7. Recoil stability and stability. Fucking hate these stats. Half the heads have complete garbage stability and then so do the legs. And thanks to these two amazing stats, you can neuter your own weapons. Yay, heavy reverse joints for everyone! Yay!
  8. "CQK is a fairly recent group and has always been filled with good players." You're a little bit behind the times, holy shit.
  9. Player skill is not a factor nor should it ever be. The 360 side needs to stop fucking sugar coating people who use mods or who are of equally shitty value. I actually envy the PS3 side. No stupid shit over there. ( From what I have been told. )
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