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  1. Head: Hogire Core: Salaux Arms: Judith Legs: TAHHIJ-LEGS FCS: FS-JUDITH Generator: Linstant-G Boosters MB: CB-JUDITH BB:LB-HOGIRE SB- AB-KRAKEN OB: SO1-V3 Weapons RAW: 04-MARVE LAW: 051ANNR RB: INSOLENCE LB: JADORE SHOULDER: N/A R Hanger: N/A L Hanger: N/A Tunes and stabs Stabalizer: -0, -22 Tunes: HAven;t decided yet Other Notes: The koji cannon actually hits if I time it right, and I love using weapons that are hard to use anyway. So, I may remove other things but I'm not moving the Koji. Good day.
  2. Why a quad? Just wondering.
  3. Thank you for the info on the WG core. For the weapon problem what if I switch to railgun and antares? They are both some of my favorite weapons. I weild antares at any range, its also fast enough to cause damage and the railgun is deadly. Almost always.
  4. I havent posted in quite a while....anyway here we go FRAME Head: Tellus-For low EN cost (You will see why) Core: White Glint-I usually hate WG parts but I think the the core actually increases OB agility. Arms: Tellus-Energy defense Legs: Lancel- My recent favorite INTERNAL\BOOSTERS FCS: Judith- Very balanced but a little less range than Hogire Genorater(I cant spell can I?): Lahire-EN output MB: Judith-I find it very reliable BB: Alliah- This AC has to backpedal againsts CQC the way I use it SB: Holefernes/holofernes/holafernes/however-the-heck-you-spell-the-booster-with-highest-QB-duration-DODGE DODGE DODGE OB: The Judith with the AA-I love AA (I am speaking of assault armor) WEAPONS RA: ACACIA-Speed LA: MOTACOBRA-Speed and im less of a mf because im not using DR RBAandLBA: Prepare yourself....NOBLESSE OBLIGE LASERS-Do you get the name now? WG core wing things AND NB lasers make big wings! NOTES I have not decided on tuning. Also I have not actually built this AC yet, the Idea popped into my head 20 minutes ago. This is for ACFA. TACTICS Use AR/MG together until AR runs out, then use MG/laserfor TWO laser shots then go duel laser. Duel laser can do ALOT of damage. P.S Do you like my design template?
  5. megaboy332


    i dont play ac4 so is kraken like holofernes or something?
  6. Im not saying transformiing made it original im only saying that its a factor
  7. What are you talking about? Ive never even HEARD about anyone thinking a decepticon was a wall... decepticons are purple.. unless your talking about cloakers.... even then it isnt "justa generic shooter" you have transforming, you have GOOD multiplayer, you have the abilities of the different classes.... If you think WFC is just some random generic shooter you have no taste and I know it says "What do YOU think?" but seriously you just disgusted me the details are awesome. I can glitch myself in to space and places I cant go normally and even then there are good details
  8. I heard of this game from a guy on PSN a while ago I bought it recently and I luv it. The gameplay is awesome, the story is awesome the look is awesome. It's an all around amazing game. I especially like "Escelation mode" Yeah yeah yeah I know I can't spell so dont bug me about that. If you haven't played it, escelation mode is were you choose a character from the game, and you and another 1-3 players fight off wave after wave of the opposing enemy, it gets harder and harder every wave. The multiplayer is great to.
  9. megaboy332


    A heavy without flares equals dead? Wrong. Have you ever fought a missile spammer with a machine gun? If you can keep a bead the missiles will explode on the launcher causing even MORE damage. And in a fight I have never repeat never ran out of machine gun ammo in a fight. Its the perfect replacement for flares. If you dont believe me fight the missile only arena fight and use machine gun arms. So I would actually switch flares to the add boosters because I think that increases Quick Turn speed.
  10. Has anyone heard of a youtube channel called Blackboxtv? If you havent, *sticks up middle finger* if you have, what do you think? This blog is so tiny!
  11. megaboy332


    Switch the godamn flares!
  12. megaboy332


    I dont have anything but thanks for confusing me. P.S break down "Not Afraid by Eminem"
  13. megaboy332


    Switch Yasmin to Guyandotteo4. Yasmin sucks and Guyandotteo4 is the only other flare that fits. Otherwise, I like it!
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