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  1. Evening everyone! FromCheng here, inviting everyone to join our next community event. Not sure how many of you guys still play ACV or AC in general, but I encourage those who still play ACV to just get on and have some fun. After the success of our first event, I am glad to announce the continuation: the Second Exhibition Event! Starting on September 14th, the Exhibition event will encompass Duels, Battle Royals, and Team Battles, and is meant to give people the chance to show off their builds and skills with the opportunity to meet and connect with other people who play. Hosts will start up rooms for people to join and just play. The entire event will be recorded and the best matches will be shown on Youtube so be sure to show your good side. Opening rooms and recording is not limited to Event Hosts; anyone may open up rooms or record for their channel. This event is purely for enjoyment of the community! This event will be held for NA PS3 and 360 as well as EU PS3 and 360. Peoples of the servers, we are now looking for more hosts. If you are interested please contact me ASAP and I will add you to the list. Hosts duties are fairly simple: open up rooms throughout the day and just play to have fun. Event Hosts (PSNID/Gamertag) NA PS3: FromCheng, TarnZR , Zio_IV, Nanabosho EU PS3: FromCheng_EU NA 360: TBA EU 360: iToasteh Date NA PS3 and 360 September 14th 3 PM EST EU PS3 and 360 September 14th 5 PM CET (GMT+2) NOTE: Although the event officially only lasts 3 hours, hosts and players are highly encouraged to continue playing if other people are still online and rooms are still up. Remember, this event is for you guys to have fun and meet new people!
  2. Some kind of live stream is being planned by FROM SOFTWARE for June 11 at 21:00 JP time. From the translator, I've gleaned that it's going to discuss some kind of big changes in ACV. From what it says, I'm guessing its going to be something along the lines of Dark Souls Artorias of the Abyss Edition maybe. Google Translate: http://translate.goo...2F06015865.html Original: http://www.famitsu.c...6/06015865.html English Summary by Cacophanus: http://www.mechadamashii.com/news/news-armored-core-v-revision-live-stream-announced/
  3. Your accounts working now. I have no clue why it wasn't working earlier as you didn't log in with FB but it's working now. And I like the idea of the merc white/blacklist.
  4. PSN: FromCheng Time Zone: MST US Mic: Yes Availabillity: TBA Language: English Team Name: Mechaverse Team Members: TBA Communication: PSN, Skype, Mechaverse (preferrably PSN)
  5. Not sure if anyone's seen this, but here's the newest vid by Filthierich
  6. That assertion was based upon what I observed during the demo. I've almost rewritten the article and will post up the rewrite soon to correct that.
  7. That's great! In general I haven't found a whole lot of people interested in playing the role a lot, so that's definitely good to hear. The big issue with that is what happens when you have you have five people in your team online at a certain time and no one wants the Operator position? I actually didn't know about the live video thing when I tried the demo online so I was handicapped. Still did okay I guess.
  8. Unfortunately, as Ogawa has said, no. You need to be online in order to play that role which means you either buy the japanese version or wait till March. But as to the questions whether its easy, well, not really. ^And this is part of the reason why. ACV may be slower than FA but its still pretty fast, much faster than any RTS. Situations change real fast, and you need to be able to think and talk fast. The biggest problem I had was I kept forgetting which button was which beacon, so I kept spamming them all over the place. Probably annoyed my teammate a bit I didn't have too much issues doing it, but other people who tried said it was pretty difficult. My Operator guide talks about a bit. Don't know if i posted this yet, but here's some other trophies for ACV http://www.justpushstart.com/2012/02/amored-core-v-achievement-list/ http://www.justpushs...-v-trophy-list/
  9. Watch the vids online on youtube. TehGodlyPerfection uploaded a bunch, especially of LWs. LW + Shotties + ninjas are practically killing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez5mrGXyIjs I'm going to have to rewrite my post, because based on what I've seen, 40% of my writing is now obsolete. Great.
  10. Supposedly. This article I found claims there are over 80. FROM did say there were a lot of extra missions, but if that's the case, that means there are 70 extra mission. A shame if that is what it is; I remember back in '10 when they promised us hour long missions... Here is the site and right below is the google translate for anyone wanting to compare. http://mantan-web.jp/2012/01/26/20120126dog00m200011000c.html http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ja&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fmantan-web.jp%2F2012%2F01%2F26%2F20120126dog00m200011000c.html
  11. That may be problem as the LW has been nerfed quite a bit. But remember, this tutorial only describes general trends in weight classes; if you're very skilled, then you might have no problem kicking ass with a LW, as Barilzar has told me. The other thing you should note is that we saw less than one fifth of the total parts in the demo (79 IIRC) meaning there is a good chance that there will be parts that are advantageous to LW but we simply haven't seen yet. That is also why I'll have to update this tutorial soon; I think part of it may be obselete when ACV hits the state and I'll have to correct based on that. In short, don't worry! This tutorial is not written in stone and neither is ACV until the US release. It may be that the LW may not have been nerfed as badly as we think.
  12. http://www.armoredcore.net/acv/dlc/ Lots of DLC.
  13. Tutorial updated. Thanks to Niji for reminding me of a few things and Barilzar for his Operator vid which reminded me of a few things I forgot.
  14. Thanks Niji! I don't really need a word for word translation, cause that would take forever and I know your busy, but I'll keep that in mind. To be quite frank, I'm surprised. But then again, after the disaster which was AC4 and ACFA online I guess it makes sense. http://translate.goo...layers%2Facv%2F Also, the servers are back up. Also shows this image too below. Not sure what it means. Judging from the translation, it seems territory will be opened up as more people join the game. This way late comers aren't screwed over as badly. I'm gonna see if the demo can still connect. Like Niji said, chances are slim to none that it will, but its worth a shot.
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