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  • Birthday 06/27/1993

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    Somewhere between Zanarkand, Line Ark, Youkai Academy and Raven's Ark
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    What do you want to know?

    - Armored Core
    - Gundam
    - Macross
    - Mecha in General
    - Anime and Mangas
    - Lolis
    - Piano
    - Writing
    - Playing with Videos (editting)
    - My love interest.

    What else do you wanna know?

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About Me

I am Terminator98. The one and only (supposedly that is).

You will know me for my spam in Last Raven designs, for I spend a lot of time designing ACs.

You will also know me because of my fan-fics.

You will also know me because of my vids.

You will also know me because of my piano.


But you'll know me, simply because you'll know me. Just know that.


Oh yeah, I'm no PS3 player. I just Play Last Raven and older games.

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