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AC: Broken Sword

Crimson Fury

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AC Name: Broken Sword

AC Game: LR


Classification: Middleweight

Core Type: Hangar

Revision: 3









Head | Core | Arms | Legs


0/0/4/6/0 | 0/6/4/0/0 | 0/5/4/1/0 | 0/2/3/3/2



Booster | FCS | Generator | Radiator


0/10/0/0 | N/A | 0/10/0 | 0/0/10



Inside | Extension | R Back | L Back

N/A | RM2 | HARPY | RA


R Arm | L Arm | R Hanger | L Hanger

BP | R3 | N/A | WRAITH


Optional Parts:





Frame Color: Dwemer Metal


- Base | Aid | Opt | Det | Jnt

R: 044 | 044 | 101 | 101 | 000

G: 029 | 029 | 106 | 106 | 000

B: 000 | 000 | 108 | 108 | 000


Legs and arms are all different but this is the general color.





Weapon Color:

R Back | L Back | R Arm | L Arm | R Hangar | L Hangar

Yellow | Yellow | Yellow | Yellow | Yellow | Yellow





AP: 8180

Weight: 7666

EN: 6633/10306(5860/10306 after Harpy/RM2 drop)

Max Boost Speed: 391(448 after Harpy/RM2 drop)

Turning Speed: 1302

Stability: 6214

Cooling: 15339

Def Shell/Energy: 1651/1651





I basically wanted to make a mobile BP AC that could take on a variety of AC types while maintaining decent stats. This AC originally began with G91/VULTURE2 and COUGAR2 as well as a 69h instead of WRAITH under the R3. I've found that LOTUS/GULL offers a good power source and takes further advantage of the already low frame drain after dropping the orbits and RM2, while also offering the advantage of being lighter. I switched to DINGO2 after using this AC quite a few times recently against TMRaven on Kai. It's not that the COUGAR2 were bad for this AC, but I feel that the superior handles and speed of the DINGO2 version will aid in rushing the enemy when needed and also assist in dodging missile swarms. I had a U2/FL version, but have gone back to 99UL and added MACAQUE for a better defense total. I chose WRAITH over 69H for added stun.



This AC is played in a sort of passive-aggressive style. Orbits and relations should be used early and dropped for a speed boost. While using the orbits the R3 can get a lot of supplemental damage by hitting the enemy through missile swarms while they're worried about avoiding the orbits as well. After dropping the orbits and RM2, BP comes into play. The r3 is a versatile weapon. I like to maintain steady mid-range pressure by using it liberally while picking my shots with BP and throwing in bazooka shells in the midst of rifle bullets as I attack and use cover to my advantage. This AC can move in on the enemy quickly as needed due to it's good mobility even without OB and can do a lot of damage fast thanks to the arm weapons if rushing the enemy is required, but it can also choose to play more defensively. Basically this AC can adapt to the enemy's strategy and at least always has a fighting chance.



Known Issues:

While this AC can get to a high top speed there are still AC's that are faster. Also it being a jack of all trades means that a defensive AC with dedicated shell defense and high-powered weaponry of it's own could give it issues. It does a variety of things well but doesn't overly do anything.


PvP Information:

Used it on KAI last time I played, though it was the older, heavier version. It fared well against a variety of AC types. Will soon be testing this newer version.



Edit 7/21/17: Swapped out GULL for V2 and retuned a few things to fit V2 and give an even defense total. I am very pleased with this new version.

Edited by Crimson Fury
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Yeah when I saw this thing on the replays I felt it was weird to have vulture2/g91/ananda on a mw with such an efficient frame and no energy weapons to speak of. Gull/Lotus/Ananda is a much better fit. You can also try Vulture2/Lotus/Hazel (a favorite combo of mine) for something that's a bit more agile but won't have as longer ground dash potential. Vulture2/Lotus/Hazel will have the same top boost speed as Gull/Lotus/Ananda, and it's cool enough that Hazel won't hurt the bot. For reference, when my Aguirre bot (which has said combo) got hit with an LX to the face, I never even overheated.
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