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The Last Raven ch 1

Posted by Master Ocelot, 23 July 2010 · 2,169 views

The Last Raven

I never wanted the title of Last Raven…In fact, I never thought my abilities would be my downfall. Instead they took me to the top and kept me alive in the last twenty-four hours.

24 hours before designated attack time: Countdown.

In the six months after the suicide weapons had burned across the land the world was once again split with another conflict about to break out in literally hours from now.

What was the conflict about? You might be asking that now, but right now, I'm not sure, I think it's for the credits, maybe ideals and codes…or perhaps some divine purpose to be fulfilled.

But I didn't dwell on such things, I wasn't going to, I was one of the few of my kind left. I was one of the of the last ravens alive.

"Raven…" A calming female voice broke me from my thoughts as I turned to the computer terminal by my bed. "There are two mission requests for you, please check them over now."

Sheila Caldwell was my operator, she was always professional towards me as all operators were. I was grateful to her however, as she seemed to generally want me to survive, maybe because I was worth big pay now, or she was sick of hearing raven's dying screams. Either was good.

"Alright…" I replied while running a hand through my dark hair, sweeping some away from my eyes as I stood and made my way to the terminal, sitting in the chair provided my eyes skimmed through the missions. "Are these the best there is?" I asked dubiously.

"I'm afraid so, sorry, but the other high class missions were already taken or reserved." Sheila's tone held an air of sympathy, she knew these missions were insulting to my skill level.

With a disappointed sigh I stood up and stretched, looking down at myself I quickly changed from only my boxers into a pitch black flight suit and grabbing my matching helmet. "That's alright…" I said after zipping the suit up. "You tried at least."

She didn't respond.

"I'll take Vertex's mission offer, those intruders aren't going to stop themselves, right?" I asked, trying to lighten the mood with a grin I knew she couldn't see.

"You're right," there was the hint of a smile in her words. "They're not…" there was a series of soft clicks on her side. "The mission is yours, you have two hours to prepare, I'll contact you when you're en route."

"Understood." I said and the transmission was cut, I approached the terminal and played the briefing.

"Raven, an unknown force has invaded the old Nire industrial area of Circ-city. Although they're few in number, he shouldn't take any chances now that the declared attack time is so close at hand." the Vertex operator's voice took on a more hostile note. "Those who encroach on our territory must be dealt with firmly… make sure all the intruders are eliminated"

Deciding not to waste time I headed down to my personal 'hanger' if it could even be called that. I wasn't the most lucky of ravens when it came to housing or maintenance, my lodging was currently a large forgotten AC garage, how forgotten? Well, let me just say the door required me to use Gabriel to open them.

Making my way along the barely lit catwalks of the hanger I watched as the ill kept AC docks, a few more docks and I stood before my AC. "Gabriel…" my words were a whisper as I stared at the blue steeled being before me.

Climbing onto the CO6U5 core I begin to make my way to the cockpit. Finally seated inside the massive machine I wait till the cockpit is sealed before running the basic start-up systems.

My screens blare to life in front of me with lines of code and stats moving across them, "YH15-DRONE: status green, CR-CO6U5: status green, CR-A92X5: status green, LH09-COUGAR2: status green, B02-VULTURE: status green, FCS fully active and green. Generator G91 running at full capacity, Radiator-ANANDA: status green…" the monotone of the computer voice played. "Switching to normal mode."

The AC gives a shake and I ease my hands and feet into the control sticks and pedals, "Weapons check?" I said aloud.

There was silence for a moment. "PYTHON is at full ammunition capacity, MAGORAGA and FUNI are also at full capacity, energy blade is fully functional." the computer replied.

I nodded in approval, then I eased my AC out of the dock and to the doors that were slightly parted, raising my left arm I pushed the gate aside some ways, then raised the PYTHON arm and used both arms to slide the doors open enough for Gabriel to get out.

The morning light greeted me as my cockpit was flooding with it, for a moment I wish I could breath the morning air, till another voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Raven! We're here to pick you up and take you to the mission zone! Lets get going!" the overhead transport pilot called through my comms.

Moving Gabriel into position I was lifted into the air and headed straight for Circ-city, the Nire industrial area to be precise, closing my eyes I let myself fall asleep before my mission could commence.

"Raven! Circ-city is up ahead!" My slumber ended with those words, stepping back into the pedals and gripping the sticks I cracked my neck and waited for the drop. I felt the jerk of the clamps unlocking my AC and letting us free fall onto the ground below, just as the ground nears I activate the boosters and soon the once hard landing is nothing but a small thud. "Good luck raven!" were the transports last words before taking off.

I moved Gabriel into the city.

POV change

The AC Gabriel now stood at an end of a street of the nire industrial area, it's yellow eye glowing as it eyed it's prey, a single OSTRICH MT down the street, its back to him in a silent retreat.

"The enemies are moving out…" Sheila said through the com. "Take them all out." she orders coldly.

Gabriel at first didn't move, then the boosters erupted in green and the AC moved forward, the PYTHON raised and locked.

"Enemy AC sighted! Commencing retreat!" the now hacked com chatter of the enemy said.

Gabriel raised the PYTHON and the weapon began to gather energy to fire, as it was to the back of the MT it released it's round, tearing through the body of the MT as it staggered and fell to the ground, sparked and exploded.

Blazing around the corner Gabriel spotted two more MTs and sped forward towards the nearest one on the right. "Where's Zinaida!" the pilot cries in panic as the yellow blade of energy from Gabriel's left arm sliced it clean through the body, with a spin the AC stopped in front of the last OSTRICH, who appeared to be frozen in fear even as PYTHON was raised and charged, then fired.

There was an explosion and Gabriel took a more relaxed posture, it's weapon lowered. "Enemy reinforcements! Take them out!" Sheila called, making Gabriel raised the PYTHON and boost forward from where he came, turning the corner he saw two bipedal red MTs coming down the street.

"Hmph…" The pilot of Gabriel scoffed and raised the PYTHON while speeding forward, the weapon fired and the blue charged round found the center of back MT, which ceased all movement and exploded in a wild show of metal and flames. The first raised it's weapon arm to fire, which it did but was easily evaded as Gabriel boosted over it and landed behind it, before it could turn to re-acquire its target it was sliced by the energy blade of Gabriel.

The resulting explosion didn't leave much of a impact on the AC as it scanned the area with it's yellow eye, turned and boosted off towards the pick up point.

"Mission successful…Good job, Raven." Sheila congratulated the pilot over the com.

POV change.

I was displeased, that was a waste of my time and ammo, I could have completed it with my blade alone, but that would have taken more time then needed. "That was not surprising how that mission turned out." Sheila said over the com.

I grunt in reply. Still focused on the newer missions I may have coming around in the future. "I suppose…" I said to Sheila.

She was silent for awhile. "Yes, I will contact you with the new missions when they appear." her connection is cut.

I sighed and rubbed my temples in irritation as I entered my quarters, then noticed my terminal had some new mail, raising a brow I walked over and opened them.

My eyes show interest as I read from one of the senders is 'Zinaida', opening the message I read it aloud. "When I take on a job I don't like leaving loose ends. I have never failed a mission assignment given to me until now." I mumbled.

"I don't know exactly who you are, but you've caused me a lot of embarrassment." I feel a smile tugging at my lips.

"No one shames me and gets away with it. You had better keep an eye on your back, because the next time you look I'll be there." I finished, laughing softly to myself as I take a glance over my shoulder, then with a chuckle I type a reply and sent it.

'I just did and you were not there'

I walked over to my bed as I removed my helmet and flight suit, tossing them to the side I laid down and stared at the ceiling and finally allowed myself a moment to rest.


Zinaida slammed her fist onto the terminal desk as she grit her teeth, her blue eyes livid as she read the reply from the raven who had shamed her. "You. Will. Pay." she hissed as she ran a hand through her blond hair to try and relax.

End of chapter one.

Oh hey! A fanfic! Yay! Keep on writin Drake.

Cai Hong, on 24 July 2010 - 03:52 PM, said:

Oh hey! A fanfic! Yay! 8==D~~~,'-

fanfic is gay u dizzy faget

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