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  1. If you can't get into chatrooms on Discord try restarting your Discord app on phone, program on desktop, or entire browser if you use browser version. It could be the Discord servers that are down when you're trying to use it too. That happened a few days ago.
  2. The rust is killer funny. RIP. Good fight tho and great quality vid yeah.
  3. Ok, all the skins have updated Chat button links. They all redirect to the Discord channel I made. We'll run with that for a while and see how well it holds up. If it doesn't work out I'll spend millions of dollars to make you all feel bad for me spending millions of dollars. The Discord chat also has voice chat channels I made that can be used to replace TeamSpeak, so if the TS server goes down you can use those. There's a dedicated channel for RL and for WoT already made if you people end up needing it cuz too many people on at once. The TS server will stay up though, since it's really low impact on my PC. I also cleaned up Soc so it has only Chat button instead of two. Only Ata probably knows what I'm talking about when it comes to Soc.
  4. Yeah, I'm just gonna go ahead and stick with Discord for a while for now. We'll see where we go from here later on. It's less stressful this way for now. I'll update the top navigation bar link to go to the discord ACU chat room later tonight. Everything should be in working order then.
  5. I've already got a discord set up with rooms, roles, permissions, etc. I just had to poop while I waited for people to post if they wanted a discord or a repeat old flashchat, haha. The flashchat will definitely take more work, money, and be less safe. It's up to you guys what you wanna use. Now I gotta go fill up the shelves and cooler.
  6. ChatBlazer is looking like not an option anyway. It seems that their off-site hosted $40 plan doesn't let the service integrate with IPB. I'd have to buy an enterprise server license for that feature, which is probably some unfathomably large sum of money. I was thinking on it last night while watching BW. I could upgrade the old FlashChat hosting on ACUi so it's not as laggy, give it an SSL certificate so it's on https and then put a big red message on the sign-in/register page that tells people to not use their real passwords when they sign up for it. The other option seems to be a Discord channel yeah. It's up to you guys which one you want to go with.
  7. Yeah, I was thinking about Discord. Kak mentioned it, so we could look into that too.
  8. Well, it'll probably be a day or two before I can get another chat option up. For now you guys will just have to use TS and ACUi secret chat. Kortok and LS recommended just using my Twitch chatroom for now. It's not such a bad idea until I get the other chat installed and stuff. Here's the link for whoever wants it. It's a lot easier than using ACUi or TS I think. Niji Twitch Chat I'll be on twitch and TS, since they're easier to keep track of for me.
  9. If anything I can pay for it for a few months to see how it works out, then if people like it maybe take a donation from you guys to help lower the cost yeah.
  10. Right now it looks like $40/month. I can afford it, but I gotta make sure there aren't other options that are cheaper and still good. Though this one seems to have everything, which is nearly a miracle because almost every dedicated chat software like this has died over the years.
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