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JALAM = Just A Little Awesome Moment



***kids, don't try this at the road near your home if your driving skill and/or traffic isn't good enough***


an awesome moment just happened when I'm driving my car back to home tonight like everyday, and every time I drive to this strength line I'll kick-down and let the speed goes up to 100-120 km/h because this is the road so it still have some traffic, just less or more.


(my car is Mazda MX-5 model NC, might be production since 2005-2006, a standard 2 seats car...and yes, it's coming with black)


and then, wild Nissan Skyline R34 appeared.


if you guys are a man, guess what? of cause! when you driving on your own car that you think it's the best, when you see other rival...


...I bet 100% of you will accepted the challenge.


but remember, R34 had 280 HP and all wheel drive since it was born from factory and 100% of cars like this had definitely modified...so the HP might possibly goes up to 400-500 at least. while my car it's just a one standard car with 160 HP or so, rear wheel drive, and everything is standard equip (except for shock suspension, tires, and battery that I'd just changed them...but it's still standard stuff anyway)


we start the real race when stop for the first traffic light. when the light goes green, the race is begin......

I'll split this moment to be 3 situations,

1. first moment, I'd lost because of a bit more traffic and that's too risky, but I'm still had a chance to track him...so I'm just calm down and guess where did he go...and I found him at the crossroad and lucky...he turn left.

2. second moment, he released all of horse power to get me away and I can't followed him until he had to brake because of traffic he met and that's a chance to get up-close. we stop at the traffic light at another crossroad again and preparing to turn right.

3. final moment, me and another car (purple Honda Civic EF, tuned) had turn right and he just leave me and that Civic go first...that means he will show his horse power again...and again, he trapped in a car on traffic again so this is my chance to ran away from him,


as I knew, he gotta been trapped by cars and trucks again, and again, even for the last U-turn, he has been trapped by a truck again...


after that, I didn't see that R34 anymore for last 5-6 km before I back to home.

the conclusion is I won (personally I think) anyway, I had 2 reason to win the challenge is...


1. all of the race are the road near my home, so I'm the boss around here.


2. and because of that, it makes me better decision to drive on these traffic around my home, I know when I should speed-up, when I should braking, etc. like on my hand.


if I'd challenge with R34 or any cars like this on super highway, I'll definitely lost and only see them far away...no doubt about it.


end of a little awesome moment of mine.


P.S. if I had one more reason to win, it's because I'm listening to "FreQuency : Sunrise" while I'm driving.


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