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when I fall in love with her voice again...







the one more optional that can make an effective to you, it makes you happy, makes you sad, makes you angry, or sometimes just get a mood of rock 'n' roll.....I can't imagine how much music can do all these things...


we can't refuse everybody might have favorite songs or favorite artist, and I bet each person have their favorites at least more than 3. doesn't matter the one they like are oldies or some kind of brand-new-pop music, if you like it, you'll feel good to listened those all the time.


for me , what I'd enjoy to hear for normal days are...


(by name of artist/band/album name)

• Suzanne Ciani (one of top-10 new-age style, Kitaro is also one of them)

• FreQuency (FROMSOFTWARE sound team, "oh~I'm sca-ry, so~I'm sca-ry~")

• Einhander OST (from the PS1 game "EINHANDER". much better than many today's electronic music genre)

• Mindi Abair (pop-rock-jazz artist with her sax, so magnificent sound)

• The Corrs


and of cause, back to what I want to say.....okay, I gotta says...

"I'm so many enjoy to hear all songs from The Corrs" that much, especially for her voice, Andrea.


actually this feeling has begun for 2 weeks ago. and I can't stop listening them, no matter when.


...back to when I was 13, I'm just a stupid boy and like some kind of pop-rock (even I know nothing about it) so much, I'd turn-on my T.V. to see those MV every morning, Bon Jovi, BackStreet Boys, Moffats, ...etc. (as people who know what kind of 90's stuffs they are) also that moment the T.V. was run the music of the Corrs too but I didn't interested on them at first.....until I hear the music "Breathless"...


that's the first beginning about how I was interested in this band.


after that, I got the present from my brother, it's CD "Forgiven not Forgotten", the first international album of The Corrs. (I can't remember that year it is, around 1998 I think but this album has been released on 1995, how shame I am) and of cause, more listening them, more interested on them...and year 2000 has come, I got album "Inblue" (but color of cover is bright pink theme, very weird huh) and then listened for the whole album again, and again, and again...after that I'd went to CD shops everywhere of my city to find the rest of their albums until I got some new ASAP.


for all of the Corrs's album I got (first released - present)

• Forgiven not Forgotten (my 14th birthday's present)

• Talks on Corner (I just realized they released 3 versions, I got the one with white-blue cover)

• unplugged (I got concert DVD too)

• rainy day (single)

• Inblue (also had special edition too but I didn't bought it)

• Borrowed Heaven

• Home

• ultimate collection (all previous musics from those old albums)


phew, long shot...and time of important thing, people of the band...they had Jim (big brother), Sharon (big sister), Caroline (3rd child) and Andrea (4th sister, youngest)

**the fact is their age of these people are about 40-50 that means....so old and much experienced. kids, don't underestimate their prople**


from now on, you'll asking me a question "why" I like them so much?...because...

• pop-celtic style. (violin, bodrhan, tin whistle......but I bet Irish musical instruments are not just three kind of these)

• they had instrument songs.

• Andrea's voice.

• how they managed their voices, sounds, and else.

• gimmick for each song


for the special about their voices of three sisters (I didn't hear big brother's voice that much so idk), anyway, they made good harmony lines, not just for their voices, but harmony of their sounds they made too.


and by 5 reasons can make me only listened the Corrs all the times.


but have to confess, after she (Andrea) out for solo album, her first solo is just a kind of "okay to hear" and also how grow-up of my music taste and that make me less interested on them (but still)...


...like I said to myself "pop is pop, it wasn't better than that and I don't want any kind of pop anymore" on that time...I'd feel less interested on pop stuff, more interesting for something else (OST of many games are the main reason) and then I'd listened many things like gospels, electronics, hip-hop, some old school rock, jazz, etc...especially, many stuffs that made by Kota Hoshino (thanks to he for made kind of weird but awesome stuffs, you make me addicted to your sounds for many years)


but one day in this year, I just searching on youtube to listening they (the Corrs) once again, what I found is "there is a lot different than before" but actually they (any old songs) never change at all.

...I think it's because when I listened other stuffs like Kota's music and I'd also listened to many things like Gran Turismo's songs (thanks to Kazunori Yamauchi and his music taste too) and after listened these songs day by day, all the time, and my music taste has been improved every time I'd listened these things......"and that's make me understand many things of the sound of the Corrs too." and two weeks ago (today is June 25th) I'd listened Corrs things back (of cause, youtube) for many songs of them, including Andrea's 2nd solo album "Lifelines". (actually I'd found this album at the shop once but that time was still being the time that I'd less interested on her, how shame)


before talk about her 2nd solo album, I'll talk about her voice first.


Andrea Corr....

her voice is some kind of specialized voice for me. some source (I can't remember where or which) noted her voice is "messo soprano" (not really sure did I typing right?) but every time I hear her voice...I'll feel like I'm fall in love with some woman (yes, she is 10 years older than me, so I say "woman" not girl) ...I don't know, maybe only about my feeling about her, but I had fall in love with her voice before....

if I had to said something about her voice, I'd says : "self-charm, mysteries, and had something special in her own voice" (IMO, I think she is one good talent singer that so hard to find on many pop stars today) if you like her once, you'll never wanna stop listening her voice.


next, about her "Lifelines" album

if you see wiki for yourself, you'll found there are 11 songs and she made cover songs for the whole album.

somebody will think about do cover songs "it's an easy way to make album today" yeah, it was. but not so easy since if you guys do some cover songs, you should do things different from original or make things better than the old one. especially when you are the one who got much expected from your own fan-club. plus, you'll get compared with the original one all the time.


if you do some cover songs : same level as old one mean nothing, lower than old one mean you sucks, while better than old one mean you're a very good one.


for my personal about Andrea and her cover songs when compared with those original stuffs, I'm pretty sure she is a very good one. (except for the song "you've got a friend" cuz I'm still like what James Taylor did more than her, but her version is good too)


I can't remember exactly about whole album, but I'll give an example about the list of the songs (on her album) that I'd hear and making compared...here it is...


• state of independence (Donna Summer)

• they don't know (Kirsty MacColl)

• no.9 dream (John Lennon)

• from the morning (Nick Drake)

• Tinseltown in the rain (the Blue Nile)

• pale blue eyes (Velvet Underground)


those original version that I pick for example are great songs with their own style. and those songs (or many other great songs) are not easy to do some cover song (IMO) but for me, Andrea, she's not just make those songs a bit better with her own voice and style, she also make it easier to listening (that means being more pop) too. (btw, this is just IMO)


anyway, about her, more than anything else, her 1st solo album is a kind of failure of her career (ten feet high, 2007) and that make she decided to stop making music.....until she was feel excited to do music again, and that's the beginning of her "Lifelines" (2011)


so long story from me just to say "I think I'm fall in love with her voice again...and I like her...a lot"


before end this, I'll give you something, "when you listening more stuffs, no matter you like it or not. after that going back and listening what you like again, you'll found the new dimension of your favorite songs..."


p.s. : Sharon, her sister, also had her solo album too. (and her 2nd album might be released soon)

p.s. 2 : if you wanna know they more, let's searching google or wiki to see for yourself.


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