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being "SEMPAI"



long time no see guyz, it's me, mister TARURU~


well, you guys around here are already know I can draw stuffs and tried to proved my drawing skill every time. but this is my first time when someone called me "SEMPAI" (he is an 18 years old kid from Argentina)


umm....what can I say?


wanna improved my own skill so everyone around the world will know me? yes.


wanna be really "SEMPAI" so I could teach about how I draw and how to do them all? yes. (but I didn't expected that much)


wanna see and make people who want to draw got better skill? absolutely.


but right now, I gotta be "SEMPAI" for someone, and this guy decided to chat with me on facebook, and he wanna draw together with me so much (anyway, different of time between Argentina and Thailand was 14 hours so that means I didn't had a time to draw with him that much basically)...well, I should feel glad to be someone's sempai, but actually I'm feel like I'm not good or ready for this....


yes, I'm not ready to be "SEMPAI" yet (actually, never think about it) and expected from other(s)....umm.....this is so hard for me...




since someone expected to me, then I should do the "SEMPAI" job, the best I could. plus, he said me and kr0nprinz (Ilya Kuvshinov) are his goal...to reach and to beat.


from now on, I think I am his first wall that he have to across.


for whole a week ago, he tried to draw things with me so much, yesterday he finally got his first chance. it seems like he could do things that he had wait for so long in his life, and we draw things together (that moment I draw him is my 00.00 am-01.30 am) don't know what it feels like for me, but when I know that kid is very happy to do that with me, then it's good for me too.


by this method (as he could had a chance to draw with me) his skill might be faster improved than he tried for himself (but in fact, he have to do it himself and I'm always told him that) and after that, I woke up (today) and replied him on facebook's chat, he told me "he draw for 15 hours" and "he tired enough to throw away those draw"......well, I'm..."very !!!" with this thing, he tried for 15 hours...that means he already had one of hard-time-experience about his first step. (I'd feel glad to him, but I said to him to "stop when feel tired, and before he think to throw anything" because if I didn't said that, he'll got too much depressed himself and then when he reached to the wall or feeling that he cannot pass, he'll not drawing anymore, so I have to give an advise to make him relax ASAP)


anyway, what he always said is ..."I'll do it for SEMPAI" and "I wanna make SEMPAI proud"...also "I don't know you SEMPAI, but I feel like I can trust you"


again, those three words make so hard feeling on me...but I will do my promise, and do my job as "SEMPAI" to be done...until the day he beats me on skill...


hope that day will comes.


p.s. : as long as he got improved when he draw with me, I'm also improved my own skill too.


salute to one of great moment in my life.




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