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The War on Neuroscience

Shirtless Crackhead


This is why exogen's retarded philosophical arguments really annoy me, it's the same kind of stuff alot of religious people try to do to justify theism.


The War on Neuroscience by zarkoff45, Parts:



Here's another interesting video on this subject:


Remind you of someone? eh?


One more video, TheraminTree's Illusion of Superiority.


Now, I don't mean to come off sounding like a conspiracy whack, but here I go. I honestly thing exogen's philosophy education has been mismanaged because of a shift in the "zeitgeist" as it where, the religion vs. non-religion debate has really fallen apart in the field of biology (due to evolution), as the video's above show it's tried dipping it's feet in going against neuroscience (and failed their too, who'd a thunk), but I think it's going to end up going to philosophy. Seeing as I "see" this happening, means in all likelihood it's already happened. So this may sound alittle batshit, but I think it's got good recent historical precedent. I think the philosophy department at Fordham University (a Jesuit school) that exogen attends probably slightly spins the curriculum to bend the young minds that go there to try and "keep the faith" as it where. Now, here's my reason for thinking that; AronRa @ Hitchens/Dempski

; you only need to watch the first 5-6 minutes of the first video to get where I am going.



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