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    ARMORED CORE. I like 5th gen and ACLR, still waiting to play 4th. I also like pokemon, monster hunter, and a few other random games. Recently World of Tanks, Warframe, and a few other games. Harass me on skype, PSN, telegram, discord, or steam. Or watch my twitch streams or something.

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  1. People are around, just don't talk AC much since a lot of people feel that they've exhausted the discussion due to the lack of new AC to talk about. This seems like kind of a cool idea, but I'm not well-versed enough in 4th gen AC to really offer any suggestions. EDIT: I'd also highly suggest finding the discord and getting on there to talk to people about it, since many don't even look at the forums anymore.
  2. I mean it doesn't take too long to type out some stats. Less time than it would for me to go find my PS3 and rewire my room to set it up.
  3. Suzumushi doesn't have enough capacity to charge a laser cannon fully, you can't perma-charge those things. Ammo is fairly limited on laser cannons but not like.. karasawa limited. You get 20 shots on the standard ones I think.
  4. With stuff like this it'd help if you posted some stats like KE/CE/TE defence, boost/HB numbers, turning, etc, so we don't have to reconstruct the entire UNAC in our garage to see that stuff.
  5. Laser cannons do so much damage that they generally don't care what they're shooting at. Tanks aren't the preferred targets but it'll get the job done. Laser cannon tanks are most effect in a team as a dedicated nuker for lightly armored things like LBP/MBP/quads
  6. Wide-angle max lock is generally the preferred FCS for tanks in general just cause they turn poorly and it's the biggest FCS they can use. How does the KE head help with the autocannons? KE heads generally have higher scanning performance at the cost of other things, which is useless on a UNAC. Balancing CE/KE defense is also important for survival.
  7. Rail cannons make a decent supplemental weapon on a tank that's mid-range and using something like a cannon/auto/no-lock weapon for it's primary means of fire. Rails are relatively accurate compared to most weapons available to a tank so they can help out in that regard. Building dual-rails is a pretty bad idea since their DPS is through the floor. If you like the way dual-rails works, dual lasercannons is basically that but with DAMAGE and therefore actually halfway viable. Suzumushi is a meme on a tank and rails don't drain that much anyway, so the usual high-capacity generators should do just fine.
  8. UNACs have maximum kick potential. I made a video out of mine. I dunno why it works but it does. LTA or LTB legs will probably help it out in close quarters since they turn way better than funeral. Also consider swapping starlight for a CE head since those have high stability computation which affects boosting/turning and should make it's boosting faster.
  9. This wouldn't really do much of anything against anything with moderately decent TE/CE defense like a quad, tank, or heavy bipedal. If it's purely for style tho I can appreciate using the weird design of the med missile arms for it.
  10. If it's just for your personal fun then there's not really too much point in posting it though? Just trying to offer suggestions to make it more useful. Pulse cannon weapon arms are incredibly powerful but also usually too short range. People can just back away from your nest of turrets if your only option for direct attacking is a shotgun essentially. You'd want something that forces them to close the distance like a laser rifle. Dual rail tank is amusing but rails are incredibly difficult to make use of. (if you want my opinions on builds i have a ton of old build videos I put up a few years ago.
  11. Having multiple sentry guns is pretty redundant. Carrying a HEAT mg to break enemy KE shields would probably be a good idea. Sentry guns also aren't very threatening on their own and more of a supplement to an offense. They can't really effectively create a huge diversion on their own because they die too quickly and don't have amazing damage.
  12. TFW a Maus player intentionally throws the game and almost wins anyway. You should probably watch this one it's fucking ridiculous. (i've also fully upgrade the e50 now so woo)
  13. You don't need to know how to play the game if you drive a soviet tank.
  14. then set aside 500$ so you can buy the bundle it comes in for christmas
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