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    Pretty much anything having to do with mechs and anime. LRJ's are preferred, but other legs work too. I really wish there were Rail Cannon weapon arms. T^T

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  1. Never been good with baseball stats. I like baths
  2. ... ... ...Why? EDIT: What's the base damage on one of those?
  3. *also built for base defense/hacking points But eh. Guess CE head'll work. Let's see... Little over 2000 buffs out 3br so should I shoot for that?
  4. Well shit. That might take awhile. POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
  5. Is ammo a problem? And for that, I might keep the Mushi.
  6. SSSSSSTARLIGHT MATSUZAKE Mdl. 3 retrofit AD-228 Marcus Fischer HRJ legs Rarm RFB-205 (3/0/0) Larm X00 KARASAWA (3/0/0) Lbay M05 HMG (0/0/3) Sunit Short-range CE Missile WLock with 6 max locks Ge-D-23 TOKONATSU Mdl. 1 Tracking recon -------------------------------------------- Yes, that says Sushi-senpai. Sue me. Okay, so this is a very unceratin UNAC. The operation is pretty good, but the problem is the parts. Should I use HRJ legs or quad legs? What is the best generator for the X00? The 23 seems to be working well, but am I missing something? Is the frame decent? Should I use different missiles? Etc. etc. Sushi. It's goddamn delicious. +2 for food-based name.
  7. Made a mistake. Not Funeral legs. And yeah, but the KE head helps with locking on with autocannons and defense especially. It's meant to be a maximum defense kicking machine. Going to switch out CE missiles for plasma missiles with max locks and equip the wide-angle with max locks, giving it the ability to fire 12 plasma missiles simultaniously.
  8. Would laser cannons work well against other tanks?
  10. Starlight Hokaibo core CE arms EDIT: I MADE A MISTAKE. LEGS ARE NOT FUNERAL, THEY ARE MAX DEFENSE TANK LEGS(whateverdufuktheyrecalled) Autocannons CE missiles Tracking recon Make it kick with full rection timing. This thing has kicked at least 10 PvP AC's in 2 goddamn days.
  11. My personal enjoyment leads to others' personal enjoyment approximately 83.19524% of the time.
  12. \[T]/ And of course, feel free to swap out weapons as you see fit. The entire AC is built for cosplay and style, but it is very effective as a first-strike/hide-and-seek AC. EDIT: It's built to be sexy.
  13. Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions? RAIL CANNONS. I made a Funeral tank the other day with RC's and it worked fine in the long tunnely cave map. Put a Suzumushi for infinicharge on the rail cannons. Because screw it.
  14. Swap Kalongs for Kayaks or M05s.
  15. Not THAT Zeon Elite. Only like 2 years old. 6 members, 4 currently active and would love more people. If you're looking for a team to just blow shit up with, come join us!
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