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  1. Magnus

    Too Many Cooks

    Perhaps it was a deconstruction on the very idea of virality itself: it’s the Internet that has too many cooks, and all of us, together, with our sharing and repeated clever comments and urge to be the first to share what thousands of others have already shared, have spoiled the broth. -New Yorker
  2. Magnus


    This game is a pile of shit. Never thought Bungie could fuck up this bad. It actually manages to be worse than Blunderglands 2.
  3. I posted it in January. You shoulda watched it before it was taken down.
  4. Magnus

    Battlefield 4

    There's a good version of Metro called Operation Locksomething. It's really good. Other maps are pretty solid too but aren't really similar.
  5. Magnus

    Sega Dreamcast 2

    He was just fucking with you. There is no Dreamcast 2 or plans to make one. Ahh, April Fools, making fools out of people all year round.
  6. Magnus

    Battlefield 4

    9mm bullets can penetrate it. Doesn't even have to be the special .50 cal pickup. You gonna be playing, Raor? Or you gonna buy another Cod?
  7. If it makes me want to listen to it more, it's good. If I don't, it's probably Nob's music.
  8. Magnus

    Battlefield 4

    Good times. Too bad SK died hard.
  9. Magnus

    Battlefield 4

    Well, now you get long body glitch instead. Also, yes. I think. If you unlock it? I don't care, personally. I just put C4 on tankbutts. Camo is only in battlepacks, however.
  10. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kyu1acdN0p1qb3mmfo1_500.jpg
  11. Magnus

    Battlefield 4

    Don't mind Ninety. When I left, he was stuck at anally annihilated. It seems he's still well above bottom befuddled, however. Just look at how he calls Battlepacks and attack choppers not having bulletproof glass an opinion. BF3's beta was shit as well. The most annoying part for this beta, though, flashlight really doesn't seem like anything compared to BF3's flashlight. But that's because I'm a footman. My friend, Amit, is having a tremendous amount of frusturation with vehicles since he's a driver.
  12. Magnus

    Battlefield 4

    It's exactly the same except shittier upgrades. And attack choppers don't have bullet proof glass so you can just shoot the pilot out with a BB gun.
  13. Magnus

    Battlefield 4

    This is a topic for the game, Battlefield 4. That's pretty much it. Fucking Origin. I'm Nusqual on it in case any plebs here wanna tag team sometime.
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