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  1. Procedural generation has been pretty popular in games and I could see continuous AI generation becoming a thing in the near future. Always online required, and constantly scraping the internet to compile new levels based on Mass Effect style dialogue options/input. Not any of the other games that have used that system, though. Just Mass Effect, because it's GOAT. Having something else to customize would be alright, but most peoples' results are going to look AI generated anyway.
  2. Honestly, I think having all the creation be mech focused is enough, and prefer to think of the Pilot/Raven as like a brain just strapped into the core a brain in a vat if you will.
  3. MAKE THEM POST I felt really burned by SF5, so I haven't paid much attention to this at all, but what I have seen looks really neat. I don't think it's something I'll dive into right away, but maybe down the line? Hearing that single player has a lot to do is interesting and kind of encouraging.
  4. 100% yes please beautify our cities MAGA
  5. It should have three buttons now. Just keep adding more with each new chat. And I can't seriously be the only one using the best skin on the board.
  6. Nah fuck this noise we could just go with a return to glory for General Chat. All most people do is idle anyway so it shouldn't really cause much change in number of posts. I don't have a vote since I'm not going to like the chosen path no matter what.
  7. I enjoy seeing the old KAI shit and if you've got more you oughta post it. Brings back good memories, and actually makes me feel I'd play AC again if a game like NX or LR had a re-release on an actual network. I'm digging that you went for the 2v1 hahaha.
  8. I am aesthetics text. It is what I wanted it to be.
  9. Jackson is just being a hipster since he won the last contest and knows he's got nothing left to give. I don't want to make bots but I'm going to. This might be the last contest we get and the pics and voting are fun to me. Jackson will admit to that, too, since he's a lame little chickenshit pansy ass spineless no guts having motherfucker. He'll admit to that, as well. H e i s w h o I t h o u g h t h e w a s. Too far?
  10. you're such a smart guy you figure it out !!!!!!!!
  11. I wanna make it here. I feel dudes like Pig God and Fuhrer Ugly totally fit with Pie-style. I believe in him. Tank Top believes in him. You should too.
  12. I told Pie he kinda draws like ONE when I first saw the Altaire pic.
  13. Pie's embedding worked/looked fine to me from the get go. This game should interest me a lot (exploring/collecting/crafting/space) but it's always looked weak to me. I feel like the bajillion planets thing or whatever sounds impressive but is probably a huge drawback in practice. Procedural generation is usually a bad thing.
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