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  1. Let's find something to do until ACVD gets here so.... I'll be on PS3-EU server free battle room all this weekend. ( when I'm not eating or sleeping ) Add me: MoonWalker4 The rest of the servers... find your own room
  2. same link/screenshots as above but I figured some inside info might help instead of reading pictures. Go Blue/Sirius! That reminds me, I haven't seen any turrets and such in any screenshot. wonder what kind of "defenses" they have in mind.
  3. You have just inspired me to buy another 14 KARASAWAs and go for another type of tuning ( I keep picking Accuracy for most TE weapons because it tends to lower drain and charge time while increase bullet velocity )
  4. Leaderboard combines all the territories owned in that particular area. As in, the guys who are on top most likely own several 10,000+ rating territories. As for increasing the territory ratings. Stronghold/defense missions are the only way to go.
  5. Wanna race? I've already earned -1million and change.... Hahah... -.-
  6. You're using sub-computers. It just likes to remind you about it. But the original idea I guess is that when you have teammates near you, they get the benefit too and that sign is just a notification for them when they are in your range of effect.
  7. Engraving/performance tuning is easily compared to "levelling up" a weapon. While the improvement can be very subtle sometimes but say you bought two identical rifles and engrave them the same performance path, after a lot of use ( I'm assuming online, haven't tried offline ) the performance bar fills up till it's maximized. Take a look at their stats then they are no longer identical. The stats acquired are sorta random ( niji explained this earlier in the ac5 discussion sometime ago ) so you would improve the rifle by random points. So far I've bought and fully tuned a laser cannon for accuracy ( not extreme accuracy ) and from the looks of it, my cannon always hits the target as long as it's in the lock ring compared to the first time I bought it which would sometimes fire slightly off target. I've yet to fully test it so don't hammer me if it comes out wrong.
  8. I guess the team gets deleted... otherwise it'll be a ghost team and whoever joins it becomes the leader xD
  9. That is what I found from research ( videos and videos and videos... some researching, huh? ) you can either search for mercenaries manually or "simple hire" which a fun word for random/quick selection. No rush though, just need to wait till tomorrow, right?
  10. Think of it this way, the more territories you control, the more you're likely to get attacked at different places at once. you're restricted to 20 players per team and you're not gonna have all 20 online at once so... there'll be A LOT of fights to keep everyone busy. The only time it'll be difficult to get a territory is that if the team have players that are online at different times AND the mercenaries they hire on each defense mission are very reliable.... chances are that won't happen very often. Especially during the first couple of months where everyone is making their own team and fighting each other for control rather than grouping up to bigger teams that "would" hold at least one territory for a long time.
  11. The first few shots "missed" it hit the invisible wall because it dropped quickly. The bullet was daamn big seeing it from a gun barrel. Charging basically gives the it "boosted" velocity that railguns are supposed to do. Damage wise it does kill the tank in one hit but he failed to hit a few times cause of "gravity, hahah.
  12. Think of the world breakdown this way: 8 "Lands" Each having about a dozen or more "Camps" Could've sworn the initial map layout way back last year was major lands divided to regions which are also divided to sectors ( like a sub-sub territory that dotted the zoomed in screen ) Oh yeah, controlling teams of territories get their team emblem stamp/shown on the map to everyone, and if I understood right, team with the highest rank/more territory control gets their emblem displayed on the world map as a dominant team on that land/region. And that's basically what I'm hoping ACU or MV to reach within the first couple of months to recruit people to the forums and then start making competitive teams.
  13. I guess most EN-consuming weapons all need a slight adjustment because you really don't get the potentially deadly outcome you want out of the weapon unless you invest time in "charging" them Pulse guns, machine guns, plasma guns and laser/torch blades are exceptions to this idea of course. Laser rifles, laser cannons and railguns need a decent amount of charge time for higher bullet velocity ( and greater damage in the case of lasers ) I will say that the idea of "charging" is a great idea and I had always wanted it to happen but the consequence of not charging with the current set up is way too risky.
  14. I completely forgot this guy "hikarupiano" on youtube was show casing most of the weapons ingame ( shoulder and arm weapons ) this should keep you busy. GERBERA is the railgun.
  15. Hahah, that made me even more suspicious about the ranking then. I could have the best pilot work with the newest of teams and lose all the time and ruin his record. That's.... Harsh.
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