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  1. Not the one I was referring to, but he's got my respect.
  2. I'd advice against anything HighPitchedPlop posts. I can verify that he is a schizo lesbian ip man.
  3. http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/This+guy+right+here_6dc751_3251652.jpg
  4. Sure, but it wouldn't have been as satisfying. Plus the CG here honestly looks pretty dated. This movie's saving grace as a film is going to be whether or not it actually has a decent story. Otherwise it's only going to be a movie that made it's money and the majority of the audience leave not even remembering half of what they just watched.
  5. If you are a serious loner player who never touched V and didn't unlock a lot of parts from the start you are going to have a bad time. I made a name for myself in V so I was able to join a team right off the bat.
  6. I was personally hoping that it would match Dredd in bringing back gruesome gory deaths and what not. But it seems that this flick is aiming for PG-13 which in the end kills it's hope of being anything more than another movie riding the HASBRO wave.
  7. Aokiryu89

    Kill La Kill

    Watched the first ep. myself. I swear the one thing it made me think of was fucking School House Rock. I'm still taking credit for Tsu's death.
  8. Best thing to say is that the AC series is mainly built up with loosely based sequels the only dramatic change in story being AC:AA to AC3 which seemed to be more of an attempt to reboot the series rather than continue the story that started in AC 97. Otherwise it is safe to say that humanity in the AC universe is constantly going to war and some genius digs up ancient technology and uses it to make a super computer to force humanity into a position so It can't spread it's virus across the universe blah blah. However, there is no real reference to "ancient" tech in AC4 and ACFA, only outdated weapons and machines that all have a clear past. The only pseudo alien like weapons being the newest and most recently built Kojima powered Arms Forts, Particle Cannons, and the NEXTs themselves. From this I believe it is safe to say that there was no true Normal AC as the way we would imagine them. None of the Normal squads show any sign of customization, all of them clearly mass produced, even the ones that are supposedly elite squads. I believe in the 4th gen series that the NEXTs were in fact the first ACs to utilize interchangeable parts tech. To that theory I would push forward that 4th Gen NEXTs could very well be considered the Grand Fathers of all true Armored Core.
  9. You knew they still made freaking Oreo-O's didn't you?
  10. Honestly I don't even eat cereal anymore.
  11. Well there chap I also recommend looking up the Magnavox Odyssey II and of course the Mattel Intellivision II
  12. Applejacks My favorite cereal of all time was decommissioned though.....scratch that. I'm moving to South Korea. Why? FUCKING http://i717.photobucket.com/albums/ww176/goldenstate5/scan0003.jpg
  13. It's probably small, and honestly those weapon arm blades had ridiculous range when upgraded. I didn't really mind it but those things were literally killing people with wind. And Karasawa OH GOD KARASAWA KARASAWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that's all I have to say about that.
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