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  1. LOTD..... (Legion of The Dragon) good mech gods and goddesses that takes me back to the first ACO (before the forums went to hell) at that time was an AC:SL team; I amongst those ranks. Back then, they had N "Alliance" with the Kensaya Blades. Before I end my semi off topic reply; R.I.P RJD. On topic: to my knowledge there is no such clan on the PS3 side of ACVD.
  2. So; I know some things have gotten adjusted or flat out nerfed. Anyone have links? Ahem: I would greatly and sarcastically thank all the QQ'ers for nerfing my KE blade range: now the basic KE pile, and CE pile out range these bad boys and for what.... Oh I think I know; all the KE squishy AC's and pilots who don't know how to fucking dodge Also on the nerf list is the KE Gatling guns, the Karasawa series, and unconfirmed so far to my knowledge some AC parts. I read somewhere RJ's were getting a speed boost for the heavies. That's all I know. While yes, this could be somewhat examplified as a QQ'er comment on vendetta blade arms; my point is this; if these things can get out ranged by KE and CE, not to mention out damaged by CE and TE WHY JUST my blade arms. I will listen to valid input, don't get it twisted; I am flustered a bit by it and it's not like KE blades are common OR as CoMMOn AS dual amp TE dual blade with 22 range stat base so... Shut the front door! What the truck is up with these mother fathering mass average players getting decent parts nerfed so they may feel accomplished in beating other players
  3. What they shoulda did is brought back the EO cores from back in the day; Other note; if ACV dissapointed you; ACVD is the tissues to the endless boxes wasted once ACV segregated servers
  4. I am very impressed with what's been sad; if you go back to The AI systems of the pulverizers were similar to A) UNAC behavior B) the reptile like bird mech thing (never know the name but when I hear that sound...) on the autonomous unit you face in "Forgiveness of an Angel" mission I can't help a déjà vu. It would be interesting to see IF and/or HOW FROM WoD bring the about. Also, the "Foundation." Um... AC3; The "Controller".
  5. A hahahahaha I get it.. Tanks...... Too many tank squads in normal sorties... Seriously.... All tank squads in mass..... FML too much fun
  6. ^ no truer words typed in all AC kind The Madness is Strong with Malice
  7. I've seen UNAC AC's float and fight, even THE TANK !! So what the flying flapjacks is this con flammed jack cow tipping problem is going on here?? I'm thinking it might be the booster, I use high acceleration on mine, and I sink. @Obliviondoll: Welcome to my world... And water...
  8. Wonderful reading, all of you; but uh... What is MERICA? Also my style had changed somewhat in ACVD; mid weight these days. I run up to your face or side or back and hulk smash puny tank!! Yea.... I am a tank hunter...
  9. Lol @ Rachis andPendragon Anyone else using VENDETTA arms on any of these bosses BUT me?? I have moments of desiring to Bart Simpson choke the bosses and players alike but well worth it
  10. As posted in another thread there are confirmed water based maps; which I completely love. However; water does not like me, namely my AC Disbolus (Zanshin of ACFA). Can't float, leaving my AC a target for just about everything... Have any of you made an AC specifically to combat game elements that naturally work against your style of combat? If so, what changes did you make? Reasons? End result of modifying AC and how it affects your play style? Currently I have no experience to go about tackling such an issue above; if it's just me I must be really good at making bricks and new coral growth for the fishies in the sea....
  11. Sadist here, I lose I rage and hit harder, one thing I've noticed also with faction choices; water based maps.... My AC sinks..... Which is highly annoying. Also I agree with ManInThwArmor for Venide
  12. Sweet another Venide comrade! I've been coming across a LOT of tank squads from Sirius faction missions lately; I'm glad, killing tanks in groups is near unheard of; but I did it
  13. You can melee him in 1st stage just time the AA attack blast radius. Stage two....yeeaa.... About that....
  14. Damnit Art! Wait for the record I am a PS3 side Raven. Hope that helps
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