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  1. What the fuck did I just watch? Japan sure has some unique ideas. At lest this one doesn't involve school girls and some retarded plot. Well can't say much for the plot.. but I'd play it.
  2. Sorry for the short game LCC. I Had stuff I had to go do. I originally planned to play longer than that.
  3. Honestly I prefer Tekken's fighting mechanics, but I love me some Virtua Fighter. I'd actually pop in my original 5 and play it now if I had my ps3 on me. ...I really need to get around to doing that.
  4. Wait. Is there a new guilty gear!?! The name is retarded, but I can live with that. Also Sega can fuck off.
  5. Interesting. I was wondering when someone would do something like this.
  6. Will Monday be good for you? Fun playing message man. Haha.
  7. Alrighty, LCC. Whats your schedule like? I'm pretty busy most days because of my night job, but on my days off I'm flexible. Which my days off are Monday and Tuesday as of late. Work days I'm only available from 7-10 or 12. When I'm up during the evenings it's mostly spent with my family.
  8. Like the title says I'm looking for people to go from Diablo 1 all the way to Diablo 3. I'll be recording these video's to post on my youtube. All I ask is that you have a mic and a chat program of some sort. I'm looking for a max party of 4 people. I already have 2 counting myself. In Diablo 2 I might do a 8 player 4v4 PvP. But the main four I'm looking to drag through all the games with me. And all diffculties of course. If your interested let me know. No hacks, Faggots.
  9. Adonael


    I still feel like I don't get it. I mean, how can that be a fun game? You just...dive and kick.
  10. Adonael


    What the hell did I just watch?
  11. Adonael


    Is that sarcasm or are you serious?
  12. Adonael


    I never could get into that show. For many..many obvious reasons.
  13. Adonael


    I believe it had Justice League, Batman the Animated series and Teen Titans on it at different points. Oh, and Batman Beyond.
  14. Adonael

    Tekken Tag 2

    Shit. Now I might have to buy this just for the returning characters.
  15. Adonael

    Diablo III

    I wonder if games are going to eventually boil down to pressing one button to do everything, because hotkeying and depth are so hard to work with now and days. Only thing that disappoints me about this game is the streamlining of it. I wanna build my character wrong if I so damn well please. The game still offers up some entertainment but I prefer Diablo 2.
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