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  1. I suspect they take the same approach to AC that they always have for in-game design, mainly because FROM is stubborn about that sort of thing (for better or for worse). The design team MIGHT be smarter about it and can produce superior product now from getting reps on the souls stuff and bloodborne but I don't think they're directly borrow anything from those games. Remember that AC5 came out after FROM returned to their roots with the Souls stuff. The game did what it did, and if you want to talk about influence from other games, it'd probably only be the increased focus on online multiplayer as a mechanic/game style. I do think they're finally starting to respect outside voices though. Dark Souls 3 in particular demonstrated From's willingness to change from their decades old stance of "fuck the noise we do what we want". As long as it doesn't turn into full-blown pandering, it can only help. I will say one thing, though. This is more wishful thinking than anything, but it'd be kind of cool if the lesson they took from this is that there are people out there (lots and lots) that FROM's old and original ideas resonate with, and if you just update/modernize/improve upon those without screwing up the core (no pun intended), people will show up for it. Demon's Souls is practically just King's Field recreated with a fresh pair of eyes and for a new generation, but it worked like a fucking charm. And it gave them the guts, and the chops, to go full tilt and make Dark Souls. So If you told me they wanted to take the core (again no pun intended) concepts of AC1 and try to build from there...shit man, you'd have my attention. Even if I never play it as religiously as the other games, I still would have to give them the benefit of the doubt on that. Armored Core 1 was a fucking great game. The rest of them were okay to trash, and we only played them because we saw something special in the pvp that we could bring out and enjoy. AC1 though...man that was a legit game. That's a game FROM should be proud to have made.
  2. OUT OF RESPECT TO THE LEGACY OF THE BASH BROS FOREVER What are your top 10 favorite bosses of the series? Tower Knight (ds) False King Allant Flamelurker Ornstein & Smough (ds1) Four Kings Pontiff Sulyvahn (ds3) Nameless King Soul of Cinder Sister Friede Slave Knight Gael What are your top 10 favorite areas of the series? Boleterian Palace (ds) Tower of Latria Firelink Shrine (ds1) New Londo Ruins Anor Londo Painted World of Ariamis Irithyll of the Boreal Valley (ds3) Grand Archives Archdragon Peak The Ringed City What are your top 10 favorite tracks of the series? Tower Knight (ds) The Nexus Ornstein & Smough (ds1) Great Grey Wolf Sif Firelink Shrine Title Screen (ds3) Pontiff Sulyvahn Soul of Cinder Sister Friede Slave Knight Gael What are your top 10 favorite weapons of the series? Bramd (ds) Scraping Spear Large Sword of Moonlight Great Lord Greatsword (ds1) Moonlight Greatsword Blue Moon Greatsword (ds2) Moonlight Greatsword Moonlight Greatsword (ds3) Quakestone Hammer Demon's Fist What are your top 10 favorite NPCs of the series? Biorr of the Twin Fangs (ds) Solaire of Astora (ds1) Black Iron Tarkus Masterless Glencour (ds2) Head of Vengarl Benhart of Jugo Ashen Knight Boyd Siegward of Catarina (ds3) Unbreakable Patches Greirat What are your top 10 favorite armor pieces or sets of the series? (this was the hardest by far to narrow down to 10; went with sets as much as possible) Old Monk Headwrap (ds) Brushwood Set Dark Silver Set Black Iron Set (ds1) Big Hat's Set Havel's Set Benhart's Set (ds2) Dragonrider Set Faraam Set Lapp's Set (ds3) What are your top 10 favorite ambush/trap moments of the series? Dark Son Gwyndolin lolololol nah but actually Patches (ds) Maneaters Dragon God Belfry Gargoyles (ds1) Capra Demon Silver knight archers at Anor Londo Mimics the angels at the Dreg Heap (ds3) Blackflame Friede Patches (ds3) What are your top 10 favorite spells of the series? (2nd hardest list for me because I tend to play magic users) Soul Ray (ds) Fire Spray Death Cloud Crystal Soul Spear (ds1) White Dragon Breath Heavy Homing Soul Arrow (ds2) Great Soul Arrow (ds3) Farron Flashsword Dark Edge Old Moonlight I agree with this 100% A great series thanks From
  3. cold world the things we'll do for downloads
  4. yeah it'll do that, iirc u can land more than 2 hits with it too but the damage it does is wild low even after they patched it i haven't tried to use it myself tho so I can't confirm its 100% unusable but honestly me killing ppl with it wouldn't prove much i can kill ppl with most stuff at this point lol
  5. the line art for the princess is interesting, also the dragon guy looks so dope
  6. yeah man, progress matters, even at a superficial level it's what keeps the people going it's also what convinced all those clowns that they could keep up with me in AC hahahhahahahahahahahahahahhaha fuck ur little arcadias and nine balls no for reals tho its basic game design to build progress in that's the whole point of level design, not to mention all that other shit (like equipments in ds, parts in ac, etc) heavy gear does an excellent job of that, hg2 not so much
  7. heavy gear is old as fk but it was fun heavy gear 2 was not very good tbh but heavy gear was the problem i had with heavy gear 2 was it gave u access to all the equipment from the drop so bscly it killed the balance and the fun of playing thru the game and building ur bot by earning ranks and parts
  8. the older mechwarriors (like way older) were kinda cool but newer ones were trash and u really start to see how crappy they are in comparison to the source material because there's no longer an excuse for the limitations present anymore (ex. hands that don't do anything) its 2016 ffs like Steve said if you wanted that kind of stuff than AC did it way way way way way way way WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY better, at least through the first 3 eras of the game Heavy Gear did what mechwarrior tried to do better, as well, back in the day battletech is bscly the originator of all mech shit and its pretty great as a franchise but this game looks like its not even remotely doing it any justice which comes as no surprise battletech is at its best when you're walking onto a battlefield in a huge mech with all kinds of big ass cannons and you're smashing apart bots while standing in a lake if you get away from that then chances are other series do/did it better u know? iirc mechassault was p cool
  9. OG series they punch and kick and use melee weapons most times melee attacks are wild devastating lol putting ur 100 ton mech's fist thru a 30 ton bot is wild amusing
  10. hell yeah altho im not getting paid for that so i think technically it cant be shilling
  11. it's a territorial thing. Eastern Europeans for you.
  12. hey clones I made some videos they're pretty neat i think other folks mighta seen some or all of these already
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