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  1. so from software has been developing a new iteration of the A.C.E series and has released a trailer its a mecha compilation from various series so far here is the confirmed list of entries Gundam Seed Destiny: Destiny (Shinn), Strike Freedom (Kira), Infinite Justice (Athrun) Code Geass R2: Lancelot Conquista (Suzaku), Shinkiro (Lelouch), Guren Flight (Kallen) Char's Counterattack: Nu Gundam (Amuro) Zeta Gundam: Zeta Gundam (Kamille), Hyaku Shiki (Quattro) Aquarion: Solar Aquarion (Apollo) Full Metal Panic: Arbalest (Sousuke) Overman King Gainer: King Gainer (Gainer) Crossbone Gundam: Crossbone Gundam X1 Kai (Kincedo) Orguss: Orguss (Kei) Macross Zero: VF-0A Phoenix (Shin Kudo) Macross Frontier: VF-25F Messiah (Alto) there will be alternate configurations for certain mecha like the Lancelot will have the albion version. not as much as previous games in the series. but they had to make an entirely new engine so they cut down the number to increase the quality of each mech rather than seveal lack luster ones http://ps3media.ign.com/ps3/image/article/108/1085840/ace-another-centurys-episode-r-20100423111030544_640w.jpg
  2. you miss a game which was saga which made final fantasy 7 just dull to me after playing it and the games for thier times were excellent graphics wise oh and the art direction is awsome its based on some french artist i believe. the scary thing is the games do have an overarching plot just the american version lost some due to translation (kinda reminds me of another series there.....) oh and theres a weird ass anime for the series that came out on a white vhs >.<
  3. So I found a political satire anime that is also a parody of shows like Yugi-oh. only 3 episodes out though that are about 7-8 minutes each. also apparently in the manga eventually the pope and then Hitler show up.
  4. lanfear

    Monster Hunter

    the underwater fights are fun. while portable 3 has all the old weapons they're cutting monsters and alot of the monsters they're cutting added a new flavor to the game. Don't dismiss tri just for the portable version it is different and shouldn't just be brushed aside. Besides portable 3 wont be released till a year + after jp release if it follows any trends.
  5. I think the problem would be if you played one of the regular mt's you'd just die from an AC and even faster against a Next. Hmmmm so straight up wouldn't probably work in the setting.. maybe Squad based? more like front mission or that 360 Zoids game
  6. Last I heard, there was Armored Core: Fort Tower Song being under development a few years back. I haven't heard anything about it since then and seems to have just disappeared off the map.
  7. lanfear

    Warhammer 40000

    hmmm, Might have to check it out then it'll tide me over till at least the warmachine game comes out but that is not even in alpha atm as far as I recall ;_;
  8. I got all of mine from a friend so cant quite help you with a source. btw its all done by a one person development team. its not for profit as far as i know There is a fan made anime with one episode out with some big name voice actors. and a fighting game called Immaterial and missing powers, which will make any other fighting games characters just seem less cheap. http://touhou.wikia.com/wiki/Touhou_Wiki that's a website that has most information on the series, also several fan comics and flash animations . and for the game in the video in my previous post look for "embodiment of the scarlet devil" and I'm going to get back to playing them now since i just discovered you can beat bosses passively by dodging.
  9. lanfear

    Warhammer 40000

    So how many improvements are there from the first game? oh, that too can you play demons or is it just good marines gone bad ? I want my flamer deep strikes and my hearlds of Tzeentch shenanigans not to be off topic too... but have you seen the space marine game coming out the alpha trailer looked rather brutal.
  10. so just started getting into Tohou last year and was wondering if there were any more types of games in this genre . Oh and general Tohou discussion if theres any other fans my favorite characters are Yukari and Ran and for those of you who don't know what im talking about is a typical boss battle in the game.
  11. PC mainly for the same reasons as Niji. That and customization is awsome <3 and everyone who uses a mac around here have an attitude that makes me just want to punch them. I'm sure not every mac user is like that but all the ones I've met seem to be that way ;_;.
  12. I'm just going with the simple approach to this, I'll be sad that there doesn't seem to be any of Azula. But. it's a movie I'm fine with the special effects honestly they should aim for even more of an over the top style. Kind of given up with the plot but seems to be following book 1 relativly close barring filler (book 1 had alot of that). The action scenes will be good at least if they aim for a style from the last few episodes. Rather than that.... Iroh better be awsome.... or people are going to pay. It's a movie based on a cartoon for kids,that is influenced by anime, it's not a bad thing to take influence and they did make it a bit of a different style. barring, the at best pg 13 rating which will hold it back sadly it's a movie go and see if if you liked the series if not and your bored might enjoy it if not that and you still want to see it there's always other methods
  13. I'm quite partial to Magnus, then again he didn't really fall to chaos.... the situation forced him to.... because the emperor was too stupid to believe the message of Horus would betray him...
  14. I have just came upon startling information that might shake the very foundation of armored core history! http://ravenrepublic.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/NineBall02-300x290.jpg this is Hustler One the pilot of NineBall you might also know him as Spoiler! --Click Here to View!--http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/61/Duke_Nukem_3D_Coverart.png Duke Nukem Forever was never canceled! it has really been the Armored Core series this entire time O.O oh and armored core 5 will be chibi! http://ravenrepublic.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/SDGlint.jpg Repent, Repent I say! for the end is nigh!!
  15. lol that would be funny and id like to see it, XD honestly the only primarch that gets on my nerves is Sanginius, but that's more because all the people ive met who play blood angels are just ass holes so anything related to them I just don't get along with.
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