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  1. I already had a brawl with Artduex, was a p good fight.
  2. Theres a lot of things you definitely should not try to solo, especially the special missions, one of which is a rematch. one is 6 jumpers, one is six Grey Lotuses, so far. and one is a partially rebuilt Spirit of Motherwill. Edit: and by solo, I mean you as the only human, UNACs be damned, they don't count for shit in these missions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwUYIEFhAsY
  3. Farmed is probably a bad term, but once you learn his patterns, he's a bit easier, but still requires an investment to defeat. Hoppy has the right idea, Whatever the case: Bring a friend, preferably in a tank with autocannons. and keep him alive for the first phase.
  4. thing is, it puts it into perspective for those playing the game. A single MANPAD can cripple a mech, and a Javelin would outright wreck one, all of which are man portable weapons.
  5. already beat it: A hint, doing standard sorties where you do damage or hack, sometimes you'll have crates on the map. Blow open those crates and pick up the junk for free parts or more cash. The final boss can be farmed for overed weapons to sell as well.
  6. Speaking of which. Once you unlock hardcore mode in ACVD, try playing either Gambler or One-Shot kill and you will quickly learn why ACs are.. really a bad idea. both of those game modes, everyone is made of paper, because the weapons are doing real world comparable damage. Suddenly its possible to one-shot kill most ACs with standard weaponry, and the same goes for you.
  7. yeah, it is, considering that final fight, all of the Arms Fort wreckage. Edit: And apparently one map is wreckage of the Cradles. The Zinaida 2.0 fight was dope though.
  8. that last boss, shit nigga. I thought a certain earlier post was a joke. Hell of a continuity nod. Always wondered what was with the contaminated areas in ACV. apparently it's kojima particle contamination.
  9. So I just spotted the Spirit of Motherwill wreckage in ACVD as one of the maps. Nigga what.
  10. Liarbird

    Ace Combat

    I expect the same, Thankfully, no more DFM shit
  11. Liarbird


    This is a good game yo. Bit buggy, but yeah, its gud. Farm them potatoes, son.
  12. man, the show runs so slow. The manga is at a good pace at least.
  13. Liarbird

    Pacific Rim

    Cherno had a whole lot of references to VOTOMS in it. really.
  14. Liarbird

    Pacific Rim

    was a good movie, acting was eh, but I went looking for giant robots kicking kaiju ass. it delivered there.
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