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Found 17 results

  1. AC Name: Broken Sword AC Game: LR Classification: Middleweight Core Type: Hangar Revision: 3 -------------------------------------------------- http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v32/crimsonius/20170716_140438_HDR.jpg -------------------------------------------------- Frame: Head | Core | Arms | Legs S2 | 99UL | MACAQUE | DINGO2 0/0/4/6/0 | 0/6/4/0/0 | 0/5/4/1/0 | 0/2/3/3/2 Internals: Booster | FCS | Generator | Radiator VULTURE2 | F73H | LOTUS | ANANDA 0/10/0/0 | N/A | 0/10/0 | 0/0/10 Armaments: Inside | Extension | R Back | L Back N/A | RM2 | HARPY | RA R Arm | L Arm | R Hanger | L Hanger BP | R3 | N/A | WRAITH Optional Parts: AMINO | ES | EC | L+ | CODON | MARISHI | KISSYOH | -------------------------------------------------- Frame Color: Dwemer Metal - Base | Aid | Opt | Det | Jnt R: 044 | 044 | 101 | 101 | 000 G: 029 | 029 | 106 | 106 | 000 B: 000 | 000 | 108 | 108 | 000 Legs and arms are all different but this is the general color. --- Weapon Color: R Back | L Back | R Arm | L Arm | R Hangar | L Hangar Yellow | Yellow | Yellow | Yellow | Yellow | Yellow -------------------------------------------------- Statistics: AP: 8180 Weight: 7666 EN: 6633/10306(5860/10306 after Harpy/RM2 drop) Max Boost Speed: 391(448 after Harpy/RM2 drop) Turning Speed: 1302 Stability: 6214 Cooling: 15339 Def Shell/Energy: 1651/1651 -------------------------------------------------- Description: I basically wanted to make a mobile BP AC that could take on a variety of AC types while maintaining decent stats. This AC originally began with G91/VULTURE2 and COUGAR2 as well as a 69h instead of WRAITH under the R3. I've found that LOTUS/GULL offers a good power source and takes further advantage of the already low frame drain after dropping the orbits and RM2, while also offering the advantage of being lighter. I switched to DINGO2 after using this AC quite a few times recently against TMRaven on Kai. It's not that the COUGAR2 were bad for this AC, but I feel that the superior handles and speed of the DINGO2 version will aid in rushing the enemy when needed and also assist in dodging missile swarms. I had a U2/FL version, but have gone back to 99UL and added MACAQUE for a better defense total. I chose WRAITH over 69H for added stun. Tactics: This AC is played in a sort of passive-aggressive style. Orbits and relations should be used early and dropped for a speed boost. While using the orbits the R3 can get a lot of supplemental damage by hitting the enemy through missile swarms while they're worried about avoiding the orbits as well. After dropping the orbits and RM2, BP comes into play. The r3 is a versatile weapon. I like to maintain steady mid-range pressure by using it liberally while picking my shots with BP and throwing in bazooka shells in the midst of rifle bullets as I attack and use cover to my advantage. This AC can move in on the enemy quickly as needed due to it's good mobility even without OB and can do a lot of damage fast thanks to the arm weapons if rushing the enemy is required, but it can also choose to play more defensively. Basically this AC can adapt to the enemy's strategy and at least always has a fighting chance. Known Issues: While this AC can get to a high top speed there are still AC's that are faster. Also it being a jack of all trades means that a defensive AC with dedicated shell defense and high-powered weaponry of it's own could give it issues. It does a variety of things well but doesn't overly do anything. PvP Information: Used it on KAI last time I played, though it was the older, heavier version. It fared well against a variety of AC types. Will soon be testing this newer version. Edit 7/21/17: Swapped out GULL for V2 and retuned a few things to fit V2 and give an even defense total. I am very pleased with this new version.
  2. Mom


    SOLOMON http://i.imgur.com/Khk5iG0.jpg
  3. Mom


    AGUIRRE Frame: Head | Core | Arms | Legs -EYE3- | -99UL- | -FL- | -DINGO2- 0/0/4/6/0 | 0/0/3/7/0 | 0/0/6/4/0 | 0/1/5/4/0 Internals: Booster | FCS | Generator | Radiator -VULTURE2- | -F69- | -LOTUS- | -HAZEL- 0/8/0/2| N/A | 0/10/0 | 0/0/10 Armaments: Inside | Extension | R Back | L Back -N/A- | -JIREN- | -N/A- | -N/A- R Arm | L Arm | R Hangar | L Hangar -HOLLOW- | -GRIFFON- | -69H- | -69H- Optional Parts: -AMINO- | -ES- | -L+ | -CODON- | -GOLGI- | -HISTON- | -R+- | MARISHI Statistics: AP: 7914 EN Supply: 3870 (4372 after Jiren&Griffon drop) Max Air Boost Speed: 448kph (497kph after Jiren&Griffon drop) Stability: 5976 Cooling: 13835/15340 Def Shell/Energy: 1619/1603 -------------------------------------------------- Head Color: - Base | Aid | Opt | Det | Jnt R: 020 | 035 | 200 | 200 | 200 G: 020 | 020 | 140 | 170 | 140 B: 030 | 015 | 070 | 090 | 070 Core Color: - Base | Aid | Opt | Det | Jnt R: 020 | 035 | 200 | 200 | 200 G: 020 | 020 | 170 | 170 | 140 B: 030 | 015 | 090 | 090 | 070 Right Arm Color: - Base | Aid | Opt | Det | Jnt R: 200 | 150 | 150 | 200 | 150 G: 170 | 150 | 150 | 170 | 150 B: 090 | 150 | 150 | 090 | 150 Left Arm Color: - Base | Aid | Opt | Det | Jnt R: 030 | 200 | 020 | 200 | 200 G: 000 | 140 | 020 | 170 | 140 B: 010 | 070 | 030 | 090 | 070 Legs Color: - Base | Aid | Opt | Det | Jnt R: 020 | 035 | 030 | 200 | 200 G: 020 | 020 | 000 | 170 | 140 B: 030 | 015 | 010 | 090 | 070 Weapon Color: R Back | L Back | R Arm | L Arm | R Hangar | L Hangar -N/A- | -N/A- | -Yellow- | -Yellow- | -Black- | -Black- -------------------------------------------------- Description: Aguirre: the self-proclaimed wrath of god, this conquistador madman delivers a harsh, cruel judgement in his ultimate search for gold. This AC is built around the Hollow, and therefor presents itself as a restrictive design. Hollow and Griffon are used in conjunction as the match starts, while Jiren is used to pump up your bar whenever you find yourself low on energy. Jiren and Griffon will usually run out around the same time, and can be dropped so you can finish off the match with the remainder of Hollow and pocket handguns. Both Hollow and Griffon are top-5 most accurate weapons in the game, and dish out lots of damage and heat with ease; being tagged by these fast-firing energy weapons at the same time is like being subjected to god's wrath. As a result of its accuracy and damage-rate, Hollow is chosen over the safer Shade. FL is very light, and has the high accuracy needed to play a good poking game using the two weapons at the start of the match. F69 is chosen because it maximizes the lockbox size for dual SP and SP/WS locks. At the start of the match, F69's dual SP box is slightly bigger than F73H's WS/ND box. Dingo2 and UL are chosen here for their light weight, meaning this AC remains fast even with Griffon and Jiren on. Anything bulkier frame-wise would render this AC too slow to properly control range and be susceptible to rushers that could pitbull its smallish starting lockbox.
  4. The year was 2021, the corporations had brought robotic technology to its peak. Large robotic units called Muscle Tracers or MTs have become a phenomenon and a technological breakthrough which led to the creation of Armored Cores or ACs. Soon enough, ACs and MTs become instruments of war capable of tipping the tides of battle in an instant. Mercenaries known as Ravens that pilot the ACs have taken the battlefields by storm and revolutionized warfare forever. This tale.. is the tale of how a young teenager who becomes an AC pilot to protect his school. In the large fortress city of New Haven created by the Crest industries. Naturally, Ravens are hired and have the option to settle down in the city to defend it. New Haven is protected by 5 Ravens who are known as the Crest Knights. Led by a Raven known as Romeo and his AC Valentine, he is a Raven believed to be on par with Crest's Assault Leader Genobee. Now it begins... "Hey, where's Boss?" a voice asks to the room. "Oh hey Shocker! I think he's in the hangar. Busy tuning Valentine's Day.." Romeo looks at the people in the control room with Valentine's eye. "You called Shocker?" Romeo asks as he turns Valentine to face the room. Shocker is wearing his pilot suit while holding his helmet with his right hand. "Boss! We got a mission from Crest asking us to take part in the assault against Mirage." "Go on without me. Somebody's got to stay and defend the city. Besides, Valentine's not ready for combat yet. The ambush I had with Evangel ripped my AC apart. Facing off Caspian, Evangel, Mollycoodle, Trituant and Principal... Valentine's got a lot of work to be fixed. Now I got to swap the parts too." Romeo says as he stands on the crest U2 core. "Do you have the parts boss? I can lend you some of mine if you need it?" Shocker asks. Romeo shakes his head. "Get ready for sortie Shocker. You need the credits for your cancer treatment." Romeo tells him off. Shocker smiles and scratches his bald head before he left. "Hey Romeo. You should rest up, I'll handle the part swapping." the old man wearing a jumpsuit tells him. "It's fine Jonathan. Valentine is my responsibility. Just like how that kid who always comes here is yours." Romeo smiles to him. "He doesn't know what your job is does he?" Romeo briefly shakes his head. "It's best if he doesn't. Ravens are like wingless birds when we don't have our ACs. Right now, I am wingless without Valentine. And corporations tend to use that to their advantage." Romeo says as he looks at the Valentine. U2 core, Eye 2 head part, S2 damaged arms and damaged LH89F legs. All red paint scheme and black eyes. "I got a shipment of Mirage gear that Shocker and Roulette had seized, it's got a lot of parts that'll be used for the time being. Are you okay with using Dingo2 legs and Lemur 2 arms?" Jonathan asks as he shows the parts to him. "Yeah.That'll work." Romeo responds with a smile. Jonathan fixes the parts while Romeo drinks his cup of coffee. Then an alarm rings. "Unidentified MTs are on their way here! The other units have sortied, Valentine is the only AC left. We have another AC but we don't have a pilot for it. Valentine please prepare for launch." the announcer orders. Romeo puts his helmet on and looks at Jonathan who nods to him. "The Dingo2 legs are faster than your previous pair, so use it to your advantage. GOOD LUCK!" Jonathan shouts as Romeo gets in the cockpit. "This is Romeo, New Haven Command, all systems are green. Bring up the catapult!" Romeo orders as he shifts Valentine to the vertical catapult. Two large robotic clamps lock Valentine's arms and launch him above. Meanwhile at the New Haven Highschool. A teenager with grey hair tied into a pony tail is in the cafeteria. He is eating his lunch alone. "Gerald!" the teenager looks at the long haired brunette standing behind him. "Yeah what's up Kate?" Gerald asks as he holds his sandwich. "Can we talk?" Kate asks as her cheeks blush red. "Well.. Let's go." Gerald drops his sandwich on the plate and follows the Kate out of cafeteria. "Hey sorry for pulling you out like this. I know that you're having a good time with friends and all but can you make it to my party?" Kate asks as she hands him the letter. "Look, I said I'll give you an answer soon didn't I?" "You said this so many times Gerald!" Kate shouts to him as she hits his arm. Gerald remains silent but smiles to her. Kate storms off as she expresses her frustration. The crowd looks at him and Gerald hears the whispers about calling him a loser. Gerald sighs. getting used to all this. Then, he hears the alarms. "Attention to all students, proceed to the underground bunker in an orderly fashion and remain calm as the New Haven defense forces and the Raven are going to deal with it." the announcement says as they hear sounds of mechs flying and moving around. Gerald looks out the window, finding Valentine moving fast and firing its Pixie3. Gerald notices a barrage of missiles flying. Valentine stands firm and fires at them but one of the missiles hits the school building. Gerald falls to the floor but he is fine, however the ceiling is collapsing. Gerald rushes to the underground bunker entrance and enters it. As he walks in, Gerald finds the students and teachers praying and pleading for their life to be okay. Then Gerald looks at his phone, finding an app showing Valentine fighting. "Valentine! There's too many of them! We don't have enough MTs to fight them all!" Gerald cringes as he looks at the video stressfully. "This is Valentine pilot, Romeo. Is everyone okay?" Gerald hears his voice, a familiar voice that he knows all too well. "Dad?" Gerald asks as he observes how Valentine fights the large number of MTs by himself. He contacts Jonathan as he goes to a corner of the bunker. "Uncle Jonathan! Is my dad in that AC!?" Gerald asks worryingly. "He is Gerald.. I'm sorry I kept this a secret from you." "Why!? Why is he even fighting there!? Doesn't he know he can die!?" Gerald's worrying cries make Jonathan quiet and unable to answer. "He is a Raven.. He needs to do this Gerald. Doing this for you. But right now, he might die. Where are you?" Jonathan asks. "I'm at my school's bunker." Gerald answers weakly as his tears are slowly dripping. "Listen to me. You know that simulation thing I taught you all this time? Right now, your dad can't do much.. He needs help and his craft is just fixed. Look, your dad is going to need help. I need you to be strong for me right now. The bunker at your school is an access to an AC storage room. The AC in that room is an AC that your mother had once used. Gerald, I'm sorry that I lied about how she died.. But right now, that AC is your only hope for you, the town and your father. Are you ready?" Jonathan asks. Gerald remains quiet and wipes his tears. "I am now. Tell me where it is. I am standing at a corner of the room." Gerald states calmly. "Is there a door that says don't cross and there should be an access panel next to it. If you see it then key in this value." Jonathan pauses as he waits for Gerald. "18313." Gerald keys in the buttons and the door opens. He finds a walkway and the lights open. The door shuts itself after he enters it. Gerald walks on and finds an AC inside. The blue AC with white outlines, white glowing parts and the emblem on its left shoulder are a pair of black wings. "That AC you are looking at is known as Blue Sky. That is a Mirage designed AC, Jaguar 2 legs, Ray core, Macaque arms, Queen head. Equipped with the Shade laser rifle, moonlight laser blade, SG2 shotgun on the back left and the LGL on the right. Crest back weaponry. This is your mother's AC. She used to go by the title Indigo Wing. I made a pact with your mother, when the time comes you will be using this AC to help your dead when he needs it the most. He will hate me all the way to kingdom come but I would rather have a friend alive than dead. All the training in the virtual room that I used is based on this AC. Take it. It's yours." Jonathan explains to him. Gerald walks into the cockpit from it's back. "The whole simulation system that I used is designed to replicate full combat potential. Gerald. Enter your name. Good luck champ." Gerald gets in and types his name. "Main system, activating to normal mode. AC Blue Sky." "The reason why Blue Sky is at your school is because your mother knows that you will go to this school. She wanted this to be the weapon to help you Gerald. She also left a recording for you that will play out through out the mission." Jonathan hangs up and Gerald hears the recording. "Gerald. I pray that the day you take up Blue Sky to fight would be when your father is in his troubles or when there is no other choice. This AC, is the sky that I wished to protect and now Gerald, it lies in your hands. Jonathan and I have agreed that your father may not be able to face all of the threats alone and even the New Haven forces may not be able to protect you and your friends. Blue Sky will be your weapon." the recording pauses as the clamping units hook him tight. The school's parking lot opens, revealing a large hatch. "Valentine is in serious trouble! We need to get him some back up!" "But those OWLs and T98Gs are too strong for our MT77s!" "Come on Valentine, move! We got to protect this city!" Romeo says as he shakes the control sticks back and forth, Valentine kneels despite his attempts. An OWL moves close and points to the core. "Say your prayers R-" the OWL is filled with holes. Romeo looks at Blue Sky landing on top of the OWL and faces the 3 OWLs in front of him and the three T98Gs. The large street is not populated by any buildings and is safe for combat. "Jonathan.. Why is it?" Romeo observes Blue Sky. The Ray's cores opens up and OverBoosts (OBs.) to them fast, Blue Sky dodges their bazooka rounds and activates the Moonlight, slashing 2 OWL units and firing the Shade laser into the other OWL. Blue Sky's SG2 shotgun points to the T98Gs. They fire their mortars, Blue Sky's thrust and jumps evade most of them. The T98Gs stop firing, letting the smoke clear as they believed that they had killed it.Three bursts of the SG2 rips apart one of the T98Gs, Blue Sky flies high and lands on top of one the T98G, it blows off the T98G. Blue Sky proceeds to slash the last T98G. Romeo is amazed. Did his wife, Lucy return from the dead? Or is he really dreaming? A transmission is being sent from the pilot of Blue Sky. He finds Gerald in his school uniform. "Dad...Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell me that you were a Raven! Why didn't you tell me anything!?" Gerald shouts as he moves Blue Sky. "Cause I didn't want you to know what I do and what I did that got your mother killed." Romeo lowers his head. "Dad.. Mom told uncle Jonathan that mom left this unit for me. To help you when you are in bad shape.. Dad.. Let me do this please." Gerald pleads. "Well. Think you up for it? Cleaning these guys out with poor excuse of a dad?" "Let's go.."
  5. Mom


    Gamabunta http://i.imgur.com/MhuxuPp.jpg Eye3 (0/0/4/6/0) UA (6/0/0/4/0) FG (0/1/6/3/0) A2 (8/0/2/0/0) Vulture2 (2/8/0/0) F73H G91 (0/10/0) Ananda (0/0/10) - Jiren LX ROC4 69H Amino, ES, L+, Codon, Golgi, Histon 8824 AP 15775/18149 cooling 1860/1705 def 375kph (470kph after LX and Jiren drop) Use the LX, get 1-2 hits in then drop it and finish off the match by brawling with ROC4/69H. You have high AP to start out so play defensively if you want to assure better LX accuracy. If you can't get any LX hits in then you have lots of defense, speed and a highly damaging ROC4/69H combo.
  6. Takeover http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h141/mshernandez182/K0SUkjE_zps36ddf4c8.jpg Frame: Head | Core | Arms | Legs -eye3- | -ul2- | -macaque- | -cougar2- 0/6/4/0/0 | 0/5/5/0/0 | 0/4/6/0/0 | 0/4/0/0/6 Internals: Booster | FCS | Generator | Radiator -vulture2- | -f73h- | -lotus- | -ananda- 0/0/0/10 | -N/A- | 0/10/0 | 0/0/10 Armaments: Inside | Extension | R Back | L Back -N/A- | -rm3- | -N/A- | -kinnara- R Arm | L Arm | R Hanger | L Hanger -b2- | -hp- | -69h- | -wraith- Optional Parts: -amino- | -es- | -ss- | -la- | -L+- | -codon- | -ribose- | -marishi- screens, generator, lock on time, lockbox, turning,radar range, cooling (idk what they're supposed to be so I just posted how it was written in this email I have; ignore the actual line above unless those are the right names lol) -------------------------------------------------- Frame Color: - Base | Aid | Opt | Det | Jnt R: 150 | 080 | 020 | 200 | 110 G: 175 | 100 | 035 | 200 | 100 B: 200 | 200 | 195 | 000 | 195 Weapon Color: R Back | L Back | R Arm | L Arm | R Hangar | L Hangar -blue- | -blue- | -blue- | -blue- | -blue- | -blue- -------------------------------------------------- Description: I was playing LR with Owen one night a year or so ago and had an idea so I went with it. I think the idea was to make a simpler version of Angel Eyes that could also do some things AE couldn't and just see how it would come together from there...so lots of chasing after people and staying on them and landing combinations, but in a way I could do instead of the normal ways (which I can't). I never finished the tuning and colors but they're probably pretty close to what I would have ended up at. PvP Information: I don't remember W/L but I remember saying to myself, "this is a really cool bot."
  7. Mom

    Starter bot

    Spider UA Lemur S3 Vulture2 F69 Lotus Hazel - - - - Shade R3 Screens, L+, Codon, Golgi, Marishi Probably around 9600 ap, 2200,1950 defense, 415kph. Good bot to get u started on lr pvp.
  8. M PIG TY WUK http://i.imgur.com/shiQRTy.jpg Eye3 (0/3/3/4/0) UA (7/0/0/3/0) FG (0/1/6/3/0) 88A (5/2/3/0/0) Gull (0/0/0/10) Limpet G91 (0/10/0) Ananda (0/0/10) - - - Geryon RS R3 Amino, ES, L+, Codon, Golgi, Marishi Stats: 8865 AP 415kph 15836 cooling 1760/1834 def
  9. Mom


    Gerbilfanny S2 (0/0/5/5/0) Gaea (9/1/0/0/0) FG (0/4/6/0/0) LN85 (8/0/2/0/0) - Limpet Lotus (0/10/0) Hazel (0/0/10) - RM3 - 69M 69H R3 Amino, ES, L+, Codon, Golgi, Histon, Marishi Stats: 8725 AP 564kph (596kph after RM3 drop) 1602/1564 defense Description: Lord Gerbilfanny let's his minions and armies do his fighting for him.
  10. Mom


    HAMADRYAD http://i.imgur.com/XIdknZ2.jpg Frame: Head | Core | Arms | Legs -SPIDER- | -U2- | -A72F- | -88A- 5/0/0/5/0 | 3/0/2/5/0 | 3/0/0/7/0 | 7/0/3/0/0 Internals: Booster | FCS | Generator | Radiator -VULTURE2- | -F73H- | -G91- | -ANANDA- 0/8/2/0 | N/A | 0/10/0 | 0/0/10 Armaments: Inside | Extension | R Back | L Back -N/A- | -N/A- | -GERYON2- | -GLL- R Arm | L Arm | R Hangar | L Hangar -R2- | -HP- | -N/A- | -WRAITH- Optional Parts: -AMINO- | -ES- | -L+- | -CODON- | -GOLGI- | -HISTON- | -R+- Statistics: AP: 8843 Weight: 8054 (7312 after GLL drop) Max Boost Speed: 380kph (426kph after GLL drop) Stability: 7676 Cooling: 15511/17885 Def Shell/Energy: 1860/1826 -------------------------------------------------- Head Color: - Base | Aid | Opt | Det | Jnt R: 130 | 065 | 075 | 090 | 200 G: 150 | 045 | 060 | 070 | 140 B: 000 | 045 | 040 | 140 | 060 Core Color: - Base | Aid | Opt | Det | Jnt R: 130 | 065 | 130 | 090 | 075 G: 110 | 045 | 150 | 070 | 060 B: 000 | 045 | 000 | 140 | 040 L Arm Color: - Base | Aid | Opt | Det | Jnt R: 130 | 130 | 075 | 090 | 200 G: 110 | 150 | 060 | 070 | 140 B: 000 | 000 | 040 | 140 | 060 R Arm and Legs Color: - Base | Aid | Opt | Det | Jnt R: 030 | 065 | 075 | 090 | 130 G: 030 | 045 | 060 | 070 | 150 B: 025 | 045 | 040 | 140 | 000 Weapon Color: R Back | L Back | R Arm | L Arm | R Hangar | L Hangar -Black | -Yellow- | -Black- | -Yellow- | -N/A- | -Black- -------------------------------------------------- Description: Hamadryad: overflowing with nature and greenery, this quad's armor resembles thick bark, with an upper body thats being overtaken by moss and fluorescent plant-life. At its core it was designed to be a general-usage brawler with a high combination of speed and armor, but also be able to equip a back-cannon and play normally throughout a fight. Geryon2 is a decent cannon, however its thinner projectile can make it less accurate compared to the girthier Geryon1, 3 and GL. Geryon2 does provide the opportunity for very fast ACs and high damage when called for. This AC sports a frame with very high armor for its speed and firepower. GLL is spammed early round to get as much of an AP lead as possible, and once it's dropped, this AC moves at a fast 426kph on the ground, giving it plenty of defensive opportunities to line up Geryon2 shots. A very high generator capacity is needed for the long ground boosts needed to pick good shots and handle G2's shot drain, so G91 was chosen. Both U2 and 88A provide critical AP, while Spider and A72F find niche spots, fleshing out the energy and shell defenses of this AC. R2 and HP find themselves in a multi-situational role in which they can either chip away AP to keep an AP lead, or rush down and secure good damage while on the offensive. Video: PvP Information: Not quite enough matches with it yet, but so far very positive. One of my more competitive designs.
  11. AC Name: Blue Star AC Game: Armored Core: Last Raven Classification: Middleweight Bipedal Core Type: EO Revision: -Blue Star II Frame: Head | Core | Arms | Legs YH15-DRONE | CR-C98E2 | A11-MACAQUE | LH09-COUGAR2 0/5/5/0/0 | 0/5/5/0/0 | 0/0/5/5/0 | 0/5/5/0/0 Internals: Booster | FCS | Generator | Radiator B03-VULTURE2 | MONJU | CR-G91 | ANANDA 0/5/0/5 | N/A | 0/5/5 | 0/0/10 Armaments: Inside | Extension | R Back | L Back N/A | E02RM-GAR | WB01M-NYMPHE | N/A R Arm | L Arm | R Hanger | L Hanger WR05L-SHADE | WH01R-GAST | N/A | N/A Optional Parts: O01-AMINO | CR-O69ES | CR-O69SS | CR-O71EC | CR-O79L+ | O04-GOLGI | MARISHI -------------------------------------------------- Frame Color: - Base | Aid | Opt | Det | Jnt R: 040 | 025 | 025 | 100 | 080 G: 110 | 020 | 020 | 100 | 095 B: 160 | 035 | 035 | 140 | 110 Weapon Color: R Back | L Back | R Arm | L Arm | R Hangar | L Hangar BLUE | N/A | BLUE | BLUE | N/A | N/A -------------------------------------------------- Statistics: AP: 8127 Weight: 7247 EN Supply: 3659 Max Boost Speed: 425 Turning Speed: 1151 Stability: 6312 Cooling: 15268 Def Shell/Energy: 1718/1745 -------------------------------------------------- Description: Inspired by Daemon, AC Blue Star is designed for balanced defense while maintaining mobility. Its defense may not be the highest, but it can take a few hits and dish out considerable damage. Tactics: The Blue Star is designed to deal large amounts of damage from close and mid-range. The SHADE+GAST+E2 combo can deal high hybrid damage and the NYMPHE+RM3 combo can hammer ACs lacking in missile defense. The Blue Star's new weapon system grants it higher damage potential outside of close-range. Known Issues: Despite its respectable defense, the Blue Star can't take a crap ton of damage or an opponent that can just outdamage it. PvP Information: None. Current Vs. Record: [0]W - [0]L - [0]D (Updated: 1 Jan. 2010) Win Rate: 0% -------------------------------------------------- Notes: If there's a better solid and energy weapon combo that can be used on this frame, please let me know.
  12. Krazzee

    AC Abrams

    AC Name: Abrams AC Game: Armored Core: Last Raven Classification: Battle Tank Core Type: OB Revision: -Abrams Mod III Frame: Head | Core | Arms | Legs CR-H05XS-EYE3 | C06-EOS | A02-DRILL | CR-LT78A 0/10/0/0/0 | 0/5/0/5/0 | 0/5/0/0/5 | 0/5/0/5/0 Internals: Booster | FCS | Generator | Radiator N/A | MONJU | FUDOH | ANANDA N/A | N/A | 0/10/0 | 0/0/10 Armaments: Inside | Extension | R Back | L Back I07D-MEDUSA2 | CR-E84RM2 | CR-WB87LG | CR-WB75MT R Arm | L Arm | R Hanger | L Hanger WR04M-PIXIE2 | CR-WL88S2 | N/A | N/A Optional Parts: O01-AMINO | CR-O69ES | CR-O69SS | CR-O79L+ | O03-CODON | MARISHI -------------------------------------------------- Frame Color: - Base | Aid | Opt | Det | Jnt R: 100 | 030 | 090 | 100 | 070 G: 030 | 010 | 070 | 000 | 070 B: 010 | 010 | 050 | 000 | 070 Weapon Color: R Back | L Back | R Arm | L Arm | R Hangar | L Hangar RED | RED | RED | RED | N/A | N/A -------------------------------------------------- Statistics: AP: 9663 Weight: 11761 EN Supply: 3757 Max Boost Speed: 133 Turning Speed: 939 Stability: 10981 Cooling: 15506 Def Shell/Energy: 2509/1697 -------------------------------------------------- Description: Named after the U.S. Army battle tank, this reddish-brown camouflaged AC is designed to soak up a crap ton of shell damage. The motivation behind Abrams was to make an AC that was a tough-as-nails tank. Wielding a linear gun, a triple missile launcher, a shotgun, and a machine gun, it can deal a large amount of damage from both close and mid range. Of all the tank builds I've gone through, I have the most fun with this mighty glacier. Tactics: The strategy with Abrams is still the same; get up close and personal. The PIXIE2+S2 can eat up AP at close range and the LG and MT give it some mid range damage potential. In place of the SELENA EO, Abrams's EOS over boost can get it close to an enemy a lot faster than just slugging to the target. Known Issues: Being a tank, it's most glaring weakness is a severe lack of mobility, most ACs can run circles around Abrams. Its lack of aerial potential also serves to hinder its potential. It takes a bit more damage with its shield removed, but it still maintains high shell defense; energy weapons still hurt Abrams like a b****. PvP Information: None. Current Vs. Record: [0]W - [0]L - [0]D Win Rate: -% -------------------------------------------------- Notes: "You help by providing feedback." -Captain Obvious
  13. [Not a competitive build] AC Name: Charger II AC Game: Armored Core: Last Raven -------------------------------------------------- Frame: Head | Core | Arms | Legs H09-SPIDER | CR-C75U2 | YA10-LORIS | CR-LH92S3 0/5/0/0/5 | 0/5/0/5/0 | 0/5/5/0/0 | 0/10/0/0/0 Internals: Booster | FCS | Generator | Radiator B03-VULTURE2 | KOKUH | CR-G91 | ANANDA 0/5/0/0\5 | N/A | 0/0/10 | 0/0/10 Armaments: Inside | Extension | R Back | L Back N/A | N/A | N/A | N/A R Arm | L Arm | R Hanger | L Hanger CR-WR81G | CR-WL88LB3 | CR-WH01HP | N/A Optional Parts: O01-AMINO | CR-O69ES | CR-O71EC | CR-O79L+ | O07-PRIMER | MARISHI -------------------------------------------------- A change-up of AC Charger, Charger II sports better defense and better energy efficiency. It is uses the grenade rifle and backup handgun, but the ELF3 was swapped out for the LB3 for its higher damage. Strategy wise, nothing changed. Quick bursts of high close-range damage is still the main focus. Slightly better VS MG Response allows for more defense against missiles, but nothing spectacular...missile swarms can still hit hard. Charger II can still be outdamaged, possibly even more so by a faster opponent. The build is still required by its low-ammo loadout to finish the fight quickly as it still has little damage potential in prolonged fights. Notes: It's a high-damage rush attacker designed to end the fight quickly. Not meant for prolonged fights at all.
  14. Crimson Fury


    AC Name: Libra - Frame: Head | Core | Arms | Legs -eye3- | -u4- | -macaque- | -s3- 0/0/10/0/0 | 0/0/2/8/0 | 0/0/9/1/0 | 0/1/0/6/3 Internals: Booster | FCS | Generator | Radiator -vulture2- | -f73h- | -g91- | -ananda- 0/10/0/0 | -N/A- | 0/10/0 | 0/0/10 Armaments: Inside | Extension | R Back | L Back -N/A- | -rm3- | -MT- | -N/A- R Arm | L Arm | R Hanger | L Hanger -ra2- | -golem- | -n/a- | -69h- | Optional Parts: -amino- | -es- | -ec- | -L+- | -codon- | -marishi- | -kissyoh- | -- -------------------------------------------------- Frame Color: -General- - Base | Aid | Opt | Det | Jnt R: 000 | 020 | 040 | 200 | 073 G: 000 | 019 | 000 | 200 | 069 B: 000 | 000 | 000 | 000 | 000 Weapon Color: R Back | L Back | R Arm | L Arm | R Hangar | L Hangar -yellow- | -yellow- | -black- | -yellow- | -yellow- | -yellow- A couple changes on tunes and the right arm weapon, one of my old staples. Just posting it up for critique.
  15. Mom


    MILKSOP http://i.imgur.com/7VPWhmA.jpg Frame: Head | Core | Arms | Legs -EYE3- | -U4- | -GIBBON2- | -GAZELLE- 0/0/4/6/0 | 3/0/3/4/0 | 0/0/8/0/2 | 1/0/6/3/0 Internals: Booster | FCS | Generator | Radiator -GULL- | -F73H- | -LOTUS- | -ANANDA- 0/0/2/8 | N/A | 0/10/0 | 0/0/10 Armaments: Inside | Extension | R Back | L Back -N/A- | -FUNI- | -N/A- | -MV- R Arm | L Arm | R Hangar | L Hangar -RL- | -HNM- | -N/A- | -69H- Optional Parts: -AMINO- | -ES- | -SS | -LA- | -L+- | -CODON- | -R+- | -MARISHI- Statistics: AP: 8559 Weight: 7371 (6113 after MV, Funi and HNM drop) Max Boost Speed: 416kph (494kph after MV, Funi and HNM drop) Stability: 4784 Cooling: 14978/17352 Def Shell/Energy: 1739/1684 -------------------------------------------------- Head, Legs Color: - Base | Aid | Opt | Det | Jnt R: 180 | 110 | 200 | 000 | 080 G: 090 | 070 | 200 | 200 | 000 B: 000 | 070 | 000 | 000 | 000 Core, Arms Color: - Base | Aid | Opt | Det | Jnt R: 200 | 110 | 200 | 000 | 080 G: 150 | 070 | 200 | 200 | 000 B: 000 | 070 | 000 | 000 | 000 Weapon Color: R Back | L Back | R Arm | L Arm | R Hangar | L Hangar -N/A- | -Yellow- | -Black- | -Yellow- | -N/A- | -Yellow- -------------------------------------------------- Description: Milksop: A person without courage. The paint and arms are made to emulate a baby chick. This AC was designed around a missile dropper strategy. Utilizing its reverse joint legs, it can hop high up in the air very quickly, and then flutter its boosters for a good bit while raining down missiles on its opponent. MV, Funi and HNM all attack at different angles and speeds, making for an extremely annoying and effective dropper combination. After around 3k or more AP is taken from the opponent, or the HNM runs out, it drops the MV, Funi and HNM all at once to gain a massive speed boost and finish the rest of the match with RL and 69H, playing offensively or defensively depending on the matchup. UA could have been a much better fit, but I wanted the ability to buff the lockbox size of RL while having additional close range firepower in the 69H. Gibbon2 fills a niche role in being able to flesh out quite an energy defense gap and remain very light at the same time. Macaque was too heavy and XS didn't have enough energy defense. Video: PvP Information: Extremely Positive. In fact I don't think it's lost a match yet. One of my most competitive bots.
  16. KAGEWALKER http://i.imgur.com/z750j1I.png Frame, Internals and Armaments S2 (0/0/5/5/0) UA (7/0/0/3/0) FG (0/0/6/4/0) FA (6/0/3/1/0) V2(0/7/3/0) Monju Lotus (0/10/0) Hazel (0/0/10) - - MV - Shade - - - Amino, ES, LA, L+, Codon, Golgi Key Stats 9066 ap 470 kph w/ mv 500 kph w/o mv 1821 shell 1668 en Tactics Fight honorably the way of the kagemusha.
  17. Mom


    Disparager http://i.imgur.com/y5CAKF1.png Eye3 ( Atlas ( XS ( LHT ( - F73H Lotus Ananda Medusa - CGH GLL RS HP Wraith Wraith Amino, Es, EC, L+, Codon, Marishi 8355ap, 1970/1635def, 312kph air boost speed after gll drop (average tank air boost speed is 230kph) Video A very mobile tank with decent shell defense, uses GLL for getting chunks of AP and relatively fast drop. RS for medium-long range pressure and HP/CGH for cqc-midrange deterrent/agression.
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