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Critical Hit

Capitan Taroch

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Hello, I dont know if this has been covered already, but some of you have probably noticed that there is somekind of critical hit in this game, you'll notice an explosion effect with few metal scraps getting busted off from your AC and the AP will be damaged severely... someone can explain me if this is totally random or if theres a statistic that controls it?... I cant find anything in the game that hints me to Critical Chance or Resistance...
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I think it might also have to do with how accurate your shot was. This game does utlize area of effect quiet well, maybe hitting the center mass with maximum impact strength (or close to it) triggers the critical hit.


I may appear random at first but perhaps a combination of becoming comfortable with piloting and shooting specific weapons along with a lot of practice against certain opponents. It may be possible to see critical hits a lot more often.


That's my theory anyway.

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It mainly occurs on Staggers. A stagger will increase all damage done in the time period the stagger lasts. Other than than, aim for the back as defenses are lower when hit in the back.


Does this apply when you see a STAGGER error, or only when you see your AC flinching hard?


I get Stagger errors alot on my RJ but keep it moving.

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Calimdar has a good equation of the actual nerf from defenses but around a 20% armor drop happens every time you are staggered now that thats cleared up this only happens when the stagger marker shows and for that to happen the impact force of the offensive weapon must be greater that the targets recoil resistance just to clear up any doubts


You can reach calimdar on mechaverse if hes not active over here he has more of the specifics of actual defense versus atk power and the effects although those are still estimations and i think should be based off of percentages but its the best on paper available

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Your armor chips twice graphically somewhere near both 35% and 70%, and has been the source of controversy between Calimdir and myself. Its been recorded that the armor can drop at these points on video at a full 100 points per break sometimes.


For the main defensive recap, the formula is:


When type of defense > same type of attack

You get a 60% reduction to damage.


When Impact force > Recoil Resistance (head computation and attitude control + total weight)

You'll stagger and 20% defense drop



So if you get staggered with 1800KE, your defense will drop to below 1500, meaning powerful 1505 Lampourdes will hurt you.



Calimdir stole these findings from Reachingperfection, which is a good resource for statistics. I suggest you try there to find more on the subject.

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