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UNACs are Cute


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I will say this. UNACs are cute. Running around, hopping about like little bunnies, shooting things with no ill intent beyond a simple order of the L2 button, the way they move around is just so damn cute. No malicious plotting in their movements, no attempts to sneak by and stab you in the back (even if programed to do so), just a simple program. Okay, maybe I got shot in the back the other day by a stray sniper cannon bullet, as well as got rammed in the face while trying to kung-fu White Glint, but it's just so funny to me when they slip. Reminds me of when I'd occasionally shoot someone in the back with a Giga Cannon.


At the same time, quite scary too. Sniper cannons, rockets, some of the things a normal pilot would have trouble with a UNAC will do with precision (UNAC will kill White Glint with Giga/Sniper Cannon). What can seem like a mess is just the UNAC being perfectly logical. Not the best at managing energy, formulating their own strategies, or learning on the go, but they're only as good as the programmer intends, and the tools available. When doing their business, they do it well. And adorably.


I want to hug one.


Aside from that, what are your thoughts on our robot overlords? Job stealers, pets, friendly companions, backstabbing thieves? Heck, take them as Pokemon, or family. Do you find the UNAC feature favorable, in need of improvement, or scraped altogether?

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UNACs are the best addition From has made since adding left-arm weapons. While there are a few major frustrations (no programming movement relative to teammates, only to enemy, no way to avoid targeting subtargets, no evasion chip for melee) for the most part they are capable ACs and better than ~75% of the players online in my experience if you program them correctly.


The default UNACs are shit, however, and a UNAC is terrible at 1v1, but programming a team of UNACs that complements eachother can be very effective. There are some things humans can do better (namely melee) that necessitates at least an operator around to keep them in line, but otherwise, they're a godsend for players who... don't like playing well with others, if you catch my drift.

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