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Armored Core For Answer: Corporate Wars! Event Discussion


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So I just recently picked up ACFA again, and I know that there are a few of us who still play this game despite a lot of people moving on to ACVD. I was thinking of setting up a sort of weekly get-together event where we use only corporate ACs for battle. Battlefields would be chosen ahead of time, as well as the two warring factions that would meet on that battlefield.


I'm posting here because I'd like some help in determining some of the rules and build restrictions. For example, dual blades will unfortunately have to be banned because of latency issues. In addition, I will also have to ban left-handed blades for pure bladers and hangar bladers as having a blade in the left hand is known to cause latency issues.


Another point of discussion is what to do with MSAC parts, as most of the missile weapons are located there. I'm on the fence about making those parts universal among all factions, because it would lead to some builds that might be too powerful for faction battles (such as missile jousting Lahire builds) and lead to less build diversity.


That said, hopefully this will spark some discussion. The AC community has gotten really small lately since FROM decided to focus more on the souls series, but hopefully with the return of AC6 we can get the community up and going again.


So hopefully this event can get you guys to dust off your old ACFA disks and jump in for some weekly AC fun.


Addenum: Currently this event is being hosted on PS3 only. I am trying to find someone to help host this event on the 360 as well.

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People are around, just don't talk AC much since a lot of people feel that they've exhausted the discussion due to the lack of new AC to talk about. This seems like kind of a cool idea, but I'm not well-versed enough in 4th gen AC to really offer any suggestions.



I'd also highly suggest finding the discord and getting on there to talk to people about it, since many don't even look at the forums anymore.

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