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Magazine Project

Azure Knight

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I guess this would go in here...since it's literature...of some kind...yeah, that makes sense.


Anyway, it's pretty straight forward. I discussed this concept briefly with Niji.


A magazine for this forum that would contain a plethora (that's right, I said plethora) of content and articles written by members of this forum.


As part of my outsourcing project, basically where I use my production website to develop content and enriched media for various forums.


All information regarding this project, what I need and what not is listed here:




Staffing and production will take part there as well.


And yes, it's shameless self-promotion. Oh well.

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Shameless plugging is the best kind of advertisement, haha.


Anyway, I'm fairly certain I could write articles or books without much strain on my psyche. I'll see if I can think up any consistent kind of article then I'll visit your forum and check up with you on the stuff. I can honestly do any kind of literature based works since I have a little experience in the stuff, though I mention it often, haha. If you need help with brainstorming, design & layoutm, editing, writing, or even criticism I can probably provide it.



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Awesome. Yeah, at first I'm hesistant with shameless self promotion and would like to hope people would just find it and join up. But that ain't gonna happen. So shameless self promotion it will be for a while.


Anyway, I appreciate it, I do.


I have a three day weekend so I'd like to at the very least get some article subjects for people to write. And give out assignments so we can get a first issue done. Then I'll give it to you and you can host it off your server and put it where ever you'd like.


All content and assignments will be listed on my forum in it's respect section for the ACU mag. /moreshamelessplug

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Can I be of use? this sounds like something to kill time with.



What would you do?


And yes. Keep in mind though, that all of the putting together and assignments are going to be held and posted on my forum and not here.


I will be posting Article topics. Currently, 5 article assignments are up for grabs. Post over there. Not here.


They are first come, first serve.


Find them here: http://forums.azureproductions.org/index.p...1-acu-magazine/


Post and sign up on the Azure Productions forum in order to take hold of an assignment.


I will be posting more assignments through out the day.


And yes, once again, it's also shameless self promotion while I am setting up the complete forum attachment to my website.

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I will look up members who I can PM and maybe comission into helping with the magazine. I've got some pretty good ideas of who can do what article with good accuracy, though the ACU article will be something to see. I expect that I'll be interviewed for the info on that one so that people can get it right. Haha.
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