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Transfer ownership of a team?

Xander95's Photo Xander95 22 Nov 2013

is it possible in the ACV era to transfer control of a squad? i have a team idea in mind, but i am unable to create it at this time. after someone creates it on my behalf, i would want it transfered over to me after i am able to join ACV and one day ACVD.

Mom's Photo Mom 22 Nov 2013

Why not just wait until you can create that team yourself?

Pie's Photo Pie 22 Nov 2013

If someone "reserves" a team name then they can just dissolve it once you're ready to take it.

Is this still about that Misfit Legion, dude. Just WAIT and earn that money. No one's going to make it unless they're trying to troll you.
Edited by Py687, 22 November 2013 - 03:58 PM.

Bakuhatsu Pengin's Photo Bakuhatsu Pengin 22 Nov 2013

its not like anyone plays the game anymore so there should be no issue whatsoever trying to get the name you want