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  1. I wish we could upload anime pictures of our pilot
  2. This is online harassment and I'm reporting you both.
  3. It's been a minute since I checked this thread. Good comic as usual.
  4. Py687

    Posthumanism ala ATEO

    That statement doesn't necessarily imply that she wants to exterminate Negroes. I would not want word to go out that I'm a gay fat Chinaman, because I'm not one, but Kortok's already spread it.
  5. Dunno who that is or this game series, but yes, hopefully the loli joins in the fray.
  6. Py687

    Sword Art Online

    All my AC titles are on PlayStation.
  7. Cute growth of the princess.
  8. It's whatever man, I'm only here cause I love all of you. Jackson included.
  9. LS, we're getting rid of Tana. Are you happy?
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