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One Small Step for Niji, One Giant Leap for ACU

Harakiri Tiger


I finally have Internet at work! Yay!


Now when I'm sitting there staring at a wall for 10 hours I can instead be staring at the Internet! I just ordered the stuff yesterday and I should be getting it installed and setup by this Thursday, which is tomorrow. This means that the amount of time I have left to work on ACU before opening day just increased exponentially. Instead of just 4-6 hours left, I have nearly 36 hours of potential time. I'll most likely spend 99% of that time procrastinating and playing games and browsing YouTube instead. Yay!


Sue me. Yay!


Anyway, so far I've finished modifying the Blog, Gallery, and Downloads sections. I've started uploading some savegame data to the Downloads sections and I'm thinking that I might look around for some AC screen savers or encourage the community to make some. I'll probably fill the Gallery up a bit on Friday. I have a small number of AC pics that I can upload and, once again, hopefully the community can provide what I don't have and maybe upload some fan art, too. I'm really leaning on the community, in the end.


The Hub is done. It looked absolutely gorgeous on Kaku's glossy LCD monitor. It's doesn't look so gorgeous without that super sleek appearance, tho. Either way, this is just the first incarnation of the Hub. Next incarnation should come with light up buttons and a slightly more detailed background. It's pure black as of right now, haha. After that I'll get to work on the flash version of the Hub. That version will spin and rotate and light up and such. My worry is the filesize. I want to keep the front page Hub capable of loading quickly so people have easy access to any specific part of ACU they want without having to go through all the rest. I want it to look good and impress too, but fancy flash graphics get boring after the 1000th time loading them. We'll see how I do.


I still haven't worked on any part of the Arena Ranker pages or Arena homepage. That's not to say the Arena isn't usable, though. It's perfectly usable and such, but until I get the pages done it'll just be a point system, which is pointless. People want prizes. They want things they can show off and arbitrary points on a fan site aren't something most people want to brag about. The Ranker pages should be good at providing a prize that doesn't cost money, haha. Any tournament hosts can always buy AC and ACU related products from the Zazzle store for their tournament winners too if they want to offer real prizes. Should make for an easy solution to the little dilemma AC tournaments have been having since AC4 came out. Hopefully I get the Arena stuff done before the 31st.


I'm so lazy, though!


I still have no idea what I'm going to do about Team Forums and I'm wondering if I should add an Armored Core General Discussion sub-forum. Simply for discussing AC related things that aren't tied to a specific generation of series. It seems like a good idea but that would be another forum to the already large Armored Core directory. I suppose I'll think about that over the next few days and see what I decide.


I'm happy to say that I've relocated the ACU Wiki databases to a separate MySQL database from the Forums. That means there won't be as much clogging and slowdown happening. I shouldn't have waited so long to move it, but I just lose all my motivation every time I look at that thing. The Wiki seems like it'll be so much effort to get going, but there needs to be one. Haha. Most drive-by users are more comfortable browsing a Wiki than they are browsing a forum for Armored Core related information. I suppose I'll be leaning really heavily on the community when it comes to the Wiki, won't I? That's what a wiki is all about though, right?


Uninstalled FlashChatv6 and re-installed a more stable older version. If you're logged into the Forum it'll auto-log you into the Chat as soon as you load the Chat. I'm leaving the background and sounds to the default theme, though. Anyone who doesn't like being reminded of the Jetson's can simply disable whatever sounds they dislike or mute all sounds in one fell swoop using the Chat's options panel. I still don't have Brian's "Who's in Chat" mod, either.


I finally have Internet at work!


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