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Written things are written



I wrote this thing when I should've been sleeping yesterday, and here it is. It's like.. Some kind of strange half-breed between a fiction, poetry, and something lyrical? I have no idea.



Titled: Red Raven


Where you fly, I will soar,

While you die, I am more,

I tell you, I don't lie,

I am the Armored Core.


The fight goes on, long and late,

These parts, they do not separate.

Bullets fly, and boosters roar,

But from the sky, I win all day and more.


The battles last through the night,

My thrust carries me as a kite.

I rain down death as red flame,

you cannot escape my perfect aim.


Through the dawn, I watch you,

Guns are drawn, shots fly true.


You smolder and burn, into a pile of ashes,

I raid your corpse, for the ammo caches.


An angel of death, or rather, a Raven,

It is through your blood, that I may find my haven.


No idea if I'll make more stuff like this, though I'll try to post it if I do.


For random ranty life stuff, my air conditioning is broken for the second time in a week, so I need to get it fixed before I can do... Much of anything.


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