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Drills, yo



Here's a dream I had last night, go nuts.


This dream, it first began with me sitting in a class of students, nothing much special really going on. Everyone was waiting for class to begin, and the outside world seemed relatively empty. Then suddenly, a group of people in costume appeared, one who appeared to be a teacher, (and one that looks suspiciously like one who i remember being a massive ass, no less) two dressed as guards, wearing rather little in the way of armor, and then one girl among them, who apparently struck my fancy. Dunno how or why. She was fairly small, wearing a rather soft-looking white dress, and looked rather scared, as if she had been dragged along unwillingly.


The teacher in the group then boldly declares that his group/club/whatever was going to hold a massive competition, involving the entire school, about whoever could make it through a gauntlet of guards and other possibly violent attacks, on the way to their "princess". Naturally, bored as all heck, everyone agreed to participate. Then, class ended, the costumed group dissappeared, and I walked outside to see that things were suddenly in quite a mess.


I walked among a group of other students that were leaving their class, and they were apparently arguing about their favorite game or console, during which I happily told them all to shut up. When I looked to my side, I saw a building that had a massive hole torn into it, as if though a ship or a meteor had crashed into it, leaving a massive smoking hole, debris thrown to the side in a wild array of blackened rubble. Naturally, I ran towards the scene of this destruction, as no one else at all seemed to really care much at all.


Once I got closer, I could see people being carried into the hole, by none other than warriors of the Hive. (from Destiny) Their pale skin, bright colored bone armor, and glowing green eyepieces were unmistakeable among the relatively ordinary humans that they seemed to be carrying on their backs. Of course, the white-dressed girl from earlier was among them, and some other part of my consciousness directly tells me "You want that". Again. How? Why? I dunno. Regardless, that is what was decided, and as such, I took off my backpack, reached inside, and pulled out a rather strange weapon.


It was somewhat alien and futuristic in nature, but it also looked rather fragile and incomplete, as if a good whack would render it inoperable. It was somewhat like a oversized handgun, a few pieces of it glowing with a green, sickly energy. Despite that, I charged in towards the group of enemy Hive, vaulting over a piece of fallen concrete, and immediately firing at a wandering Acolyte, one of the basic grunts of the Hive. The thing was obliterated instantly, incinerated by a greenish explosion, and two of it's bretheren soon followed, forming piles of ash on the ground.


Roaring it's challenge, a massive, armored, Hive Knight leapt towards me with a sword, swinging at my head with a ruthless overhead swipe. I had no choice but to block with my weapon, and the resulting impact set off the volatile ammunition in the gun, causing the barrel of this gun to explode and push me back with the burning air it released. I landed on my back, and the Knight was stunned for a moment by the explosion, mostly unharmed, as was I. With another feral roar, the Knight charged at me yet again, rushing through rubble and smoke as it focused its twisted green gaze on me. My gun was already worthless, and my hand burned after that explosion, and so I waited there on the ground preparing myself. I was waiting for that brutal knight to swing its roughly-edged weapon.


In its haste, the beastly thing swung in another overwhead attack, and I sprung up to the side of its attack, pulling on the handle of the enemy sword, drawing myself inward as I turned myself, shoving my elbow into the fragile glass eyepiece on my enemy's face, stunning it yet again. In that dazed moment, I use both of my hands to wrench the heavy blade from the Knight, and swung the massive thing back at its owner, easily crushing the bone armor and the malformed skull of the creature underneath.


Howling in pain, the Knight's body suddenly began to disintergrate, burning into a yellow flame, as if though it was incinerating itself from the inside out. It was soon a pile of ash and bones alongside the two from earlier.


The sword suddenly felt much lighter, as if though a great burden had been lifted from it, and I took it with me as I charged into the smoky darkness of the destroyed building. I was quickly met with the orange glow of mechanized Shank turrets, which made every attempt to attack me with their stinging electrical guns. I ignored the shanks to my sides, and swung my stolen blade at anything that stood in front of me, crushing the thin armor of each flying robotic turret before me, sending them all whirring to the side as their engines failed and fuel tanks exploded.


Suddenly, the entire structure rumbled, and by the dying glow of the shanks, I could make out cracks forming in the floors, walls, and celing. The rumbling was interrupted by a massive, violent shaking, and a line of pale light formed in the ceiling for a moment, before the crack widened, a massive blade of corrupted steel forcing its way into the building, and leaving behind a gaping tear in the ceiling, through which i could see the owner of the blade.


Before me stood a giant, (About 20m, after some checks with real-life measurements) twisted rendition of the defeated knight that I had killed earlier. His bone armor was no longer a bloodied red, but rather the black of a scarred, burned forest after a fire. A thick, writhing smoke emanated from under his armor, making it seem as if though the armor itself was alive and pulsating. His sword had blackened and changed shape as well, warped with a flared end, clearly designed for a heavy blow, and not agility.


*insert appropriate music*


The black Knight focused the gaze of his three-eyed mask on me, and echoed its previous roars, deafening me with the sheer ferocity and volume. Of course, I had to accept such a challenge. I abandoned the worthless sword to the darkness behind me, and ran forward, leaping onto some rubble of the wrecked building, climbing higher and higher, jumping from one ruined piece of steel and concrete to another, the floor beneath my feet giving way with every step as the Knight swung his sword furiously at the towering building I was climbing.


I reached the top of the crumbling tower, took one look down at my opponent, and decided how I was going to kill him. I ran forward, dove off of the building, and happily fell downward towards the knight's face, fist forward.


There were many things I could've used to kill that monster right then, but the first one that came to mind was














I promptly woke up after that. What makes it funny is that I've only watched very little of gurren lagann. Should probably fix that. See ya soon.

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Intro was anime/manga as fuck. TTGL song reaffirms this. You're a weeaboo.


Dreaming bout Destiny means you're into it. Stop playing Pokemon.


The sword is a dick and it feels lighter midway because you recently became a man who's proud of his dick. :sludge:


You never saved the princess in the dream because you just failed at something irl the day before.


Trust me. I'm studying psychology so I'm basically a shrink.



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