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FAQs & Help

Can't figure out where a certain part is? Don't know what a stat means? Ask for help here.

Check our FAQs too. You might find something useful, even an answer to your question!

Subforum Guidelines & Information

1.) Posts in this subforum increase a members total post count.
2.) The off-topic tolerance level for this subforum is: Medium
3.) This subforum is visible to everyone, including guests.
4.) Only registered members may post in this subforum.

Subforum Description - The FAQs & Help subforum is where you can post questions concerning the AC games, consoles, and related material pertaining to this subforum's generation. Maybe you don't know how to find a part, beat a boss, or complete a mission? If you need to know about something, make a topic in this forum asking about it. Remember to check our FAQs and to also check the Guides & Walkthroughs section in case there is already a guide for it.

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