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Hey people i need your help


does anyone have the save data for Armored Core Silent line (psp) cause i need the OP- ) part that allow me use the back weapon without kneeling


so please if anyone have the save data for the game tell me



or if you know how could i get that part ??


please help


and Does the Japan save game versions works on the USA version ?

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Japan's doesn't, and I have *most* guns on it, at least all the good ones. Including OP-Intensify added with full abilities.


yea can you give me yours ?

i neeed ( OP-Intensify) soo baly man




Do you mean ACSL?


yep ACSL

sorry XD

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We have the SLp perfect file uploaded here on this site, but it's only for the Japanese version of SLp. If you're looking for an NA/English version you'll probably have to check GameFAQs, yeah.


I'm pretty sure you get the OP-Intensify part from just beating the game's story mode though.

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