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  1. oh Griffith, I found out today during testing. It does eventually restore itself, but the purge is a while, at least a minute or two, so it's best to get to cover quick or annihilate the enemy fast. Also, I has collector's edition....:3 Norte Americano. You have a team, and that team is your friendly mercs that are part of your group and help you out during sorties and such. I believe you can be teamed up with others in your faction, but mostly it's team-based even in a faction. For sortieing, you have the Faction umbrella, which dictates what you attack or defend, and then you have the merc teams which defend said areas. Joining in on friends and the like. In order to sortie though, besides being a for-hire merc, you have to join a faction.
  2. It's fantastic. Much better than the UCR-10. Yeah I found that out the hard way. Tried taking on an AC in the arena with the Giga Cannon...I missed a couple shots. CP drained. Then I watched my generator gauge just empty, like what happened in AC2 when you used that special combination. It was murder.
  3. I have to admit, I am THOROUGHLY impressed. I got my ACVD Collector's edition. The artbook is phenomenal, and shows many of the nuances of the mech design without the glare and paintschemes, as well as renders of all the weapons and parts that you find in the game, which I thought was rather interesting. You get to see all the weapons as they are in the shop, not just mounted on your AC. Very useful, especially if drawing fan art. The music CD only has 7 tracks, but the music by FreQuency is AMAZING. Loving every track so far, not a bad one in the bunch. Now...the C03 Malicious...it showcases some of the midgame weapons you can get. A HEAT machine gun, fold out shield, plus the really huge sniper cannon that slides through the shoulder. IN game? The thing is awesome, it's like having a miniature sniper cannon without sacrificing a front weapon spot and you don't have to keep aimed-in or kneeled to use it. The weapon arms in general are amazing, they're ridiculously useful and pack a lot of power, even if you have to sacrifice bay weapons and shoulder weapons. The action figure itself isn't like the UCR-10 that came out. It's fully poseable, made out of plastic instead of parts die cast and plastic, most features on the machine move, such as the fingers even as well as the shoulders being able to shift from weapon form mount to normal arm mount for more mobility. The game is...lol, it's amazing. It's difficult to the point where I can get frustrated if I don't build my AC right for that mission. It's ludicrous. I love it. It harkens me back to Last Raven or AC3...the good ol' days. And word of warning. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use Overweapons without finishing off the opponent. If you don't finish off the opponent...well..your entire generator is purged and you die. Quick. Like I mean lightning quick. I found that out the hard way. About five times in a row. It's bad. lol.
  4. So Pendragon is one of the only people that actually like ACV, besides the new guys that come on? I must be strange then too, because I like it a lot. Wish the campaign made more sense, and wish Conquest was better, sure, but I liked it a lot. It was a change from super high-speed combat to the point where I actually have to be careful with my AC. I wish there were more parts variety, but I have to agree, for a restart of the series, that amount of parts and kind of parts fits. As for an AC6...I thought I heard some rumors...
  5. Conformity? Probably because I haven't played in a long while...damn. Most of the time I do run a high-output generator, but high acceleration boosters to go with it. I also use a very short range FCS, and most of my equip is KE+CE. I have a moonlight blade on standby, as well as a second CE battle rifle. My main unit is usually a medium weight biped, because. Sometimes I try to run quads. Mostly for the sniper cannon accuracy BS that I've seen, which is awesome. Most people though really don't like to play regular missions...most of the time, all I see is world mappin'.
  6. Engineering, aerospace and similar fields, which is why I can tell you can disprove something without 'hating it.' You're disproving it because it is exceedingly complex/useless after all that you have studied and possibly designed too. I don't ever want to go against Eng again lol...I took some time off of here to cool my jets, like I did with a lot of things. I matured a bit more and then started seeing more of what everyone was talking about and then...'shit, you're all right' happened. I'm going with what I thought might work, logically, he broke it down as he' seen it/worked on it/ studied it and told me why it wouldn't work. He killed the idea with practicality and proven information and designs. I can't argue that.
  7. Oddly enough Eng, I thought you were going to be more vicious than that. That 'truck' thing was kind of a...throwaway lol. I was trying to think of some logistics use for it. Failed conclusively, I do agree though. You put up a lot of things that mean it wouldn't be any good. Sure, I may not have this in reality, I just thought it might be an interesting idea. If I ever put this to the test in CAD and ran simulations to see if it would work...I could probably give you a more conclusive idea. Still, you didn't rip it apart nearly as bad as the other guy who started this thread, so I must've done something right to not earn your ire. Heh.
  8. The mech could be armed with 30mm chaingun, like that on the Apache, rocket tubes also found on helicopters, could possibly mount TOW missiles (might be difficult, but we'd have to see) and there could be ways to slave smaller SAMs or a ground-launched version of a Hellfire missile. Larger mortars, like 81mm to 120mm mortars, could be mounted on the back and the unit stabilized. There are probably more possibilities, but these are more of the ones I can think of. The mech would...at the most, be able to take 30mm cannon fire, and possibly one RPG to certain areas, much like how an IFV (depending on what type and what kind of armor, as well as what kind of RPG) can only take a couple before being incapacitated. I'm not expecting it to have the armor of a main battle tank. A lot of infantry units have to carry their own antitank or antibuilding munitions, things that can break through bunkers. What this can do in an urban scenario, or something with more cover for the enemy, would be able to provide much heavier assault firepower, with a weapons system able to roll with the unit in question that has recoilless rifles with HEAT ammunition or the like, or has heavy 30mm AP rounds, or can provide white phosphorous or heavier grenade types while on the move. This would eliminate the need for lighter vehicles like Humvees which don't have nearly the armor capacity (I think) to survive RPG hits effectively and still be able to move. And plus, adding more weapon systems to a mounted one on an IFV with no turret might make the detachable unit much too heavy and hamper its purpose of providing automated fire. I wasn't thinking of a bipedal unit...I was thinking of a quadruped, but whose main method of locomotion is not moving the legs like a spider or something to that degree, but instead using wheels mounted on it or treads to get it where it needs to go. The feet would be secondary. If all went well, with the suspension that would be used, it might be able to handle the same kinds of terrain as an LAV-25 or Piranha IFV. I...can't give a solid indication on weight. I really can't. Because I don't have the engineering degree or experience or classes to know how to calculate this at all. It could be too heavy to be flown by helicopters, unless specially designed, but it could be flown in on a C-130J or similar type of aircraft. Or it would be limited to larger, turbojet driven aircraft such as the C-17. I can't tell right now. In fact, this was more of an experiment to see if I could come up with a more logical and useful one than what's been presented so far. If so equipped, like MRAPS and other specialized vehicles, it could actually be used as a very mobile packmule, able to carry more cargo than a couple AFVs/IFVs to travel along with the unit. If also equipped, it might be able to carry the wounded, adding trailers and such and carrying larger first aid kits that would help sustain a unit longer than just their IFAKs. As I was going on about the Harvest Hawk addition to KC-130s, it could be used to tote around extra fuel tanks, but on the other hand you could mount a sensor suite and jamming pods, thermal optics, FLIR cameras, low light television sets, and then a remote drone command where you could command three or four at once, or at least get the feed from three or four at once. It could be used as a mobile platform for launching larger drones, but I highly doubt that. I wouldn't want a walking unit. I would want a unit that looks armored vehicle enough so that if the enemy doesn't catch wind of it, they have no idea what it is. A mech with two legs would be a dead giveaway. From what I've seen, this is one reason why they can't replace tanks or be there as support-too obvious, and there are vehicles already with treads. Instead, add wheels, add four legs, and make its body setup low to the ground, where it can raise up and 'spiderwalk' if it needs to. = = = = = = = = = = All that aside, Eng, the videos and pics and statistics you've shown do prove that a mech wouldn't be the most useful thing on the front. In fact, far from it, and probably useless altogether on a battlefield. This was...more trying to satisfy my curiousity in seeing if it was POSSIBLE to come up with a design, not make it, but to come up with one that MIGHT possibly work. I might have failed. 75% likely.
  9. As far as I knew, Eng, it was Chobham armor with depleted uranium plate on the inside, with ceramic. You've proved me wrong, so eh. Apparently, during the M1A1 phase, they added depleted uranium as another component to the Chobham armor, which was added to the front of the hull and turret as a mesh inside. After that, it says that depleted uranium was distributed throughout the tank's Chobham armor. If you know better, go right ahead. That's as much as my sources said. One being Wikipedia, the other being a couple tank history books. Army-technology.com also says that depleted uranium armor was incorporated into the tank's defense. I don't know about the F-35's defensive systems. I've never worked with it, nor have I seen really any information about it though it's probably out there. I just didn't look. I do know that C-130s also carry missile defense systems, such as the ALR-69 and AAQ-24 (chaff, flare, and then LAIRCM lasers). Also, the newest KC-130J, the Harvest Hawk package, has the ability to put up an entire drone 'monitor station' in one of the places where they put observation bubbles. Granted, it was jury-rigged for the operation, but it gave them full access to specific drone camera feeds. Tanks can't defend themselves from aircraft. They need support equipment such as AA guns, ECM, or the like. The way I thought of an AC was not a walking ball of gun IRL, or even a main battlepiece, but instead a heavy infantry support weapon that, while it couldn't face off directly against an MBT or a fighter jet, the key would be that it would be able to utilize whatever landscape much like a person could, except with much heavier weaponry. It would need support too, in the form of AA guns and the like, as it's an armor piece and a larger target. Honestly, I was thinking of something more along the lines of Blacklight: Retribution's hardsuits, or the suits from Appleseed, or Ghost in the Shell. Btw...thank you, Ogawa.
  10. Man, this thing derailed a while ago...especially because everyone seems to think and believe that the mech will fall over. Problems happen, and of course you could never solve all the issues, but the best thing would be to make it have a lower center of gravity, and like how an AC from ACV has it, give the feet stabilizing mechanisms. A lot of the ACs in 5 have wider soles, and have the additional plates that fold outward and back to give it stability when firing or performing quick boosts. This is by no means to say that whatever mech would be in the future would have the boosters. Just not feasible. However, by all means, let's NOT use the Abrams as an example, because that thing is 70 tons, and uses depleted uranium armor which makes it so heavy. Take the Challenger, or take the Leopard 2 tank. In fact, let's use the Leopard 1 tank as the prime example. This tank was made for mobility and evasiveness in mind, because it only has armor suited to stopping small arms rounds and rounds up to 20mm in diameter. Not a tank gun. This was effective enough for the tank at the time when shaped charges were a new quantity and no one had any idea how to defend against them. Instead of SO many layers of rolled homogeneous armor, or ERA plating, how about we try to develop another form of Chobham? Chobham being the Brits and the counterpart to depleted uranium that the Abrams has. It's lighter, and supposedly has the same capability. What it's made of no one knows, the Brits keep this a damn good secret. Also, instead of having two legs, or tank treads, why not make the legs wheeled? Give it four, mount the powerplant right behind the cockpit or crew area, like on a tank or other armored vehicle, and then have two wheels per each leg. Spread them out like a spider, make them thick enough to support the unit if it wanted to walk, but its primary mode would be riding the wheels much like a Stryker. This is all theoretical and I'm pretty sure Enganacious is going to come here and kill this all because I know how he thinks from the rest of the thread. This is only if we were capable. i do not believe we have the capabilities to make a mech. It would have to be less than 20 feet tall, and I think the primary purpose would, theoretically in theater in urban, jungle, or really close-in fighting where a tank is useless and infantry don't have enough LOS to call a good, precision airstrike, be of a heavy support unit with mounted guns similar to IFVs, or be precision-strike artillery with something like a sniper cannon. Of course this might be totally useless. Instead, having it as a mobile laborer might be better, able to mount cranes, stabilize itself, and move into areas other vehicles like that can't and get better angles for maneuvering even heavier equipment into place. It would be fun to have ACs, but there is no way in hell unless it freezes over that we could have ACs as they were in even AC5.
  11. 13th Knight

    Dark Souls

    Hadn't gotten to the crazy lady in the sewers yet that had the moss for sale, or had reached a point where Ents weren't that much of a problem. And mostly it's when people kindle the fires and give me extra estus. Besides, the NPCs, depending on which ones, aren't usually the best...Tarkus is good, and so is Witch Beatrice, but Solaire is there for the hardest ones, and he's mostly just a meatshield. I like having an extra, dependable player most of the time because I know how to deal with the bosses. At least...most of them. I don't PVP often, which is probably the reason why I'm terrible at it. AS for the dark hand...I'm not entirely sure what the hell else she was using. She had the grab, but it was doing over a fifth of my HP in damage before she 'backstabbed' me with it, which took out the remaining HP that I had. I didn't buy the bow and didn't bother with the Drake Sword because, frankly, it's not the best thing even going down into the depths. Sure it has damage. That's about all I've ever gotten out of it. It was more frustrating with 'troll' build because I can't defend against the slashing. With as many as eight slashes per cycle he was getting on me, my stam drained like hell, and the bleed got up to lopping off huge amounts of my HP and me desperately trying to keep myself alive. I think I'm just terrible at it. And maybe at the harder parts of the game lol. Furthest I've gone is nearly killing Seath, getting to the Four Kings, heading towards Tomb of the Giants and not even thinking about going near Lost Izalith.
  12. 13th Knight

    Dark Souls

    Deus, any better advice to deal with people who use weapons that bleed? Because I'm sure there are more out there. I like playing online because it gives me events and some better effects that I might not have otherwise. Taking myself offline kinda ruins the experience. I do hate Black Phantoms, but in return I also like the good players that make even the hardest of bossfights manageable. I just don't want to get caught by a katana-spammer again.
  13. 13th Knight

    Dark Souls

    Kinda frustrated at this point. I don't do much PVP, just started a new file with another character, this time a pyromancer/swordsman type deal. Ever since I got to the Undead Burg, SL 7...I have been dogged by Phantoms who have much more advanced stuff than I do, more power, more HP, more everything. Twice. First person had a Dark Hand, and completely raped me because I had absolutely no defense against it. After that, I ended up in Undead Parish, where another prick was waiting after maybe an 8 level upgrade, SL 15 or so. Killed solaire, was about to go Gargoyles and go get Lautrec up there to tank. Guy comes at me with a goddamn katana and a balder shield, and starts raping me with his infinite stamina. I don't even have good equipment yet, spells or ANYTHING. I am invaded by people, but they aren't usually bitter dicks who like to troll with OP skills. Kinda don't know what to do. Wasted so much humanity already, trying to get to the SECOND BOSS of the goddamn game again thanks to them. Any advice?
  14. Alright, the only topic on this page about merchandise for Armored Core was the AC model kits page, but I don't think this unit belongs in there. It's not a model kit, but a high-end action figure developed by Bamco with die cast joints among other things. It stands about 12cm tall, and is colored a dark bronze overlain on gray with red highlights such as scopes and the eye. I got the UCR-10/A because I love Armored Core V, and wanted to see what their offers were like. Kotobukiya didn't make an AC kit this time for the series, so I was a little disappointed. However, this little thing is rather interesting. IT comes with four weapons, which are marked wrong on the website: Valdosta rifle, Modesto PMG, Zapatyoi Gatling Gun, and the Strekoza battle rifle. All of them have separate hands so that they can be used by the AC, and they can also be put on the hangar racks. However, the hangar racks don't spin and the missile launchers don't come up. This action figure, however, is VERY detailed, and has a wide range of motion. Legs can be molded to a full kneeling position, legs spread out thanks to double joints at the hips, and all the limbs have double joints, allowing a lot of poses to be made. It has two areas that can be pulled up for greater posing: the core itself, and the head. Also, the shield on the leg opens up as well into a full ready position, if they ever decide to add cannon-weapons to the line of accessories. Stability is great, and because of how the joints and connections are made, it's very easy to move into place, and it's much more durable than the model kits for an almost as great amount of detail. There are a couple things a bit off. The hands actually come off the sockets very easily, but that's fixable by adding a bit of liquid cement such as Tamiya cement to the sockets or the ball joints to make them bigger and allow them to stay on. The other thing is the feet are on backwards: The right foot is on the left, the left is on the right, causing problems when posing because the larger 'feet' of the unit are too long to be forced up when the Armored Core is put into a regular standing position. Also, you can't rotate the hangar slots, which I think kills the authenticity a bit. However, for the buy as it's coming from Japan and from what I've heard of the older figures from AC2 and AC2:AA and even Griffon Enterprises, it's well made and quite fun to mess around with. By the way, the only difference between the standard UCR-10/A and Jack Batty's Vendetta is the Grind Blade. The weapons on this set are the same with the addition of the Strekoza and the Zapatyoi.
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