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Found 14 results

  1. Here is an updated version of the last design I posted. This version has a lot more AP and Chemical defense than the original AC-07 Valiant. It can't jump as high or move as quickly, however Head: Hd-G-A88 Core: CA-215 Ryugen Arms: Ar-M-W48 Legs: Le2M-T-W30 FCS: FA-108 Generator: Ge-D-G23 Booster: BA-124 Recon: Re-X-A07 R arm: AU25 Kalong (full damage spec) L arm: AU25 Kalong (full damage spec) Shoulder: Su-J-N31S R bay: X00 KARASAWA (full rapid fire spec) Lbay: Au-U-E02 This version also lacks flash rockets, meaning it cannot escape lock ons as easily as the last version.
  2. This is my first UNAC (UNmanned AC), and apparently quite a good one, as it works well every time it's used. History of the naming scheme (AGGRESSOR TYPE-*) is in the video description if you're curious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7oNXkYdhWA
  3. Because it's more fun than a light RJ sniper. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jb1tOlIg-f0 I wanted to add some recent FB footage for this video but I lost track of it or never recorded it in the first place.
  4. Here's the first one, showing off one of my weirder but more successful builds! Stats being reposted here: AP: 37,609 KE: 1,449 CE: 2,458 TE: 309 Boost: 152 High Boost: 308 Recoil Resistance: 1,403 Turning: 674 EN Recovery: 4,758 (9,641 in scan mode)
  5. Pilot Name: Code: Stoic AC Name: Spring Falls Surge Type:Mobility Spec Medium Bipedal Preview:http://i58.tinypic.com/vxm352.jpg Colour: All Frames -Main: Default Gray -Sub 1: Preset Pastelle Colour: Brown -Sub 2: Blue (Light) -Sub 3: Red All Weapons: Any colour. AC Profile Background: A middleweight, medium bipedal leg with the exception of performances. The unit provides devastating damage with the balanced tuned-Karasawa Laser Weapon, however to prolong its operational potential the AC has been installed with a large magazine and this also affects other weapons as well.. Its other weapon load-outs are fairly balance and it all depends on pilot factors and play styles to bring out the units best performance potentials.
  6. I dunno where exactly to put this, since I wound up making a video both about autocannon tanks in general and also about my own personal build. So.. I'm treating it as a post for a single build. Also, my tank is dumb, I know this. Still fun, though.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3yAulhC9Hg I made this one time when I felt stupid, was amazing. Defenses are shit, speed is high, missiles are fun.
  8. AC Stasis Mobility Spec / Light Reverse Joint Head / Core: [TE] HE-119 / [KE] CA-215 http://link.armoredcoregame.com/acop/acvdlink/static/images/partsimg/thumbnail/head/hd0910.pnghttp://link.armoredcoregame.com/acop/acvdlink/static/images/partsimg/thumbnail/core/cr0210.png Arms / Legs: [KE] Utsusemi mdl.3 / [KE] Sawarabi mdl.1 Cornelius Archibald http://link.armoredcoregame.com/acop/acvdlink/static/images/partsimg/thumbnail/arms/am6040.pnghttp://link.armoredcoregame.com/acop/acvdlink/static/images/partsimg/thumbnail/legs/lg2720.png FCS / Generator: [Quick-Lock] FA-215 / [Hi-Cap] Makabashira mdl.2 http://link.armoredcoregame.com/acop/acvdlink/static/images/partsimg/thumbnail/fcs/fs0120.pnghttp://link.armoredcoregame.com/acop/acvdlink/static/images/partsimg/thumbnail/generator/gn0310.png Booster / Recon: [Hi-Power] Bo-C-L13 / [Tracking] Asatori mdl.2 http://link.armoredcoregame.com/acop/acvdlink/static/images/partsimg/thumbnail/booster/bs0220.pnghttp://link.armoredcoregame.com/acop/acvdlink/static/images/partsimg/thumbnail/recon/rc0220.png Right Arm / Left Arm: [HEAT MG] Au-V-G37 1.1.1 / [Laser Rifle] Wakakusa mdl.2 3.0.0 http://link.armoredcoregame.com/acop/acvdlink/static/images/partsimg/thumbnail/armunit/hu6730.pnghttp://link.armoredcoregame.com/acop/acvdlink/static/images/partsimg/thumbnail/armunit/hu1560.png Shoulder / Left Bay: [KE] SL/KMB-118H / [Laser Blade] Au-Q-D68 1.1.1 http://link.armoredcoregame.com/acop/acvdlink/static/images/partsimg/thumbnail/shoulder/sh0920.pnghttp://link.armoredcoregame.com/acop/acvdlink/static/images/partsimg/thumbnail/armunit/hu0360.png Performance: Booster - 84 HB - 171 KE - 1,683 CE - 266 TE - 639 Total Weight - 5,955 Stability - 1,121 Recoil Resistance - 1,277 Turning Performance - 281 Energy Recovery - 2,045 Repair Cost - 188,200 AP - 32,272 Total Load - 4,603 Loading Capacity - 4,528 Total Energy Consumption - 12,005 Energy Output - 14,050 Notes: *For some reason, the Assembly webpage doesn't account for tuning. Because of that, some of the above numbers are a bit iffy; for instance, Total Load being higher than Capacity. The energy rates should also be a bit more wide. Since I won't be near a console for a couple days, if anyone wants to post the correct stats, much appreciated. *This build was never meant to be the "best" or be competitive (although that's subjective in this case). It was meant to look and feel like Stasis from ACFA. While it's probably never going to be exactly the same thanks to the different game mechanics, I feel like the general concept comes pretty close. It is heavily reliant on skill and timing, not armor and stats. One you try it out, you will quickly discover you'll be more focused on not getting hit at all than about how you'll mitigate the damage. The extra KE doesn't hurt to have for Gatling spammers, and everything else should be avoidable. *Expect to be in Scan Mode frequently. While it's not necessary for long periods of time at all, excessive dodging and full-charge shots will run you to 30% fairly quick. Usually, only a few seconds will have up to full though. *The Asatori II was chosen for its range and ease of use, not duration or anything else. To me, it feels more like a traditional radar/sensor unit and there isn't much of a need to spam drones everywhere with this build. I'll leave the final choice to the individual. *Funny side note: This can dodge a Giga Missle... horizontally... indefinitely! The first time I did it, the missile followed feet from me the entire time, and I literally side-boosted across the whole map (short sides) and out of the boundaries! [1.1] *Switched out the shoulder unit for high-speed missiles. AS didn't really quite feel like a Stasis move, though admittedly they were fun to use. (Vertical Missiles in V do not function anything like PM missiles, hence the choice of HS.) As always, feel free to suggest improvements!!!
  9. Here is a brand new adition to the AC-07 series of ACs that I have started in Armored Core V and Verdict Day. http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/007/1/6/ac_07_scorpion_by_theotherguy103-d71br6f.jpg This baby is a Tetrapod type that specializes in Mid-range combat. Head: H07 Starlight Core: CB-209 Arms: AB-107D Legs: LAB-107 Generator: SUZUMUSHI mdl.1 FCS: Fs-L-E28 Recon Unit: Re-X-A07 Booster: BA-124 Shoulder Unit: Su-J-N44S Right Arm Unit: AM/RFB-215 (Full dmg spec) Left Arm Unit: AM/RFB-215 (Full dmg spec) Right Bay Unit: AM/BRA-125 (Full dmg spec) Left Bay Unit: AM/BRA-125 (Full dmg spec) I would have to say that this AC is probably my favourite one to use currently, mainly because it's the one that I am the most successful with. While my previous AC-07 models were ok, this one features high resistances in CE and KE, Deals high CE and KE damage, and has a quick energy recover that allows me to dodge many times before I need to either flick on scan more or slowly hover towards the ground. So, yay or nay?
  10. Here is the AC that I pilot when playing Armored Core V: Verdict Day. I have a few other designs, but this one is by far my favorite! Head: Hd-u-C23 Arms: AR-M-W48 Hokaibo Core: CA-215 Ryugen Legs: L2MB-122 Shoulder Unit: Tomoshibi mdl.1 Right Weapon: AU 24 Kayak (Full Damage Spec) Left Weapon: AU 24 Kayak (Full Damage Spec) Right Bay: X00 Karasawa (Full Rapid Fire Spec) Left Bay: AM SHA-302 Thrusters: ( usually High Power thrusters, but will change them to Low Consumption every now and them) FCS: FA-108 Generator: Ge-D-G23 Paint: Black, Red, Black, Red This mech will completely shred lighter builds that lack resistance to Chemical and Thermal weapons. The shield also allows him to withstand a few hits from an enemy while he is charging the Karasawa. When faced with either a tank or Tetrapod, I usually start to spam my flash missiles a lot more often than I usually do, and try to close in for a kick. This mech needs support from allies if he is faced by a tank or Tetrapod, however. This mech's energy recovery rate also allows it to quickly and frequently dodge when under heavy fire (With both Low-consumption and High Power thrusters).
  11. http://i.imgur.com/98QMba9.jpg Head: H12 Swallowtail Core: CA-215 Arms: Ar-M-W17 [Onimusashi] Legs: L05-Fisherman FCS: Fs-L-E28 Generator: Ge-D-P10 Boosters: Bo-C-L13 Recon: ASATORI mdl.3 Weapon L/R: AU16 Kitty [3 to attack power] Bay L/R: Au-V-M05 [3 to attack power] Shoulder: SU09 Jellyfish Been mercing against other teams with this one for a few days now. Recently unlocked the M05 Heat MGs, and they're rockin'. Swallowtail is for sneak hacks. I've managed to win a few just from hacking the terminals while the opposing team is bashing their face against the rest of my team. The rest of the frame is self explanatory. About 94 kilos left to play with. Kitty is used for its light weight and stellar detonation range that lets me discourage people from moving forward against me. M05 because it's freakin' sweet. Only issue is tanks, but I leave that to the rest of my team who probably have KE weapons hidden somewhere on them.
  12. Artdeux


    http://i.imgur.com/3kykO2a.jpg Head: H09 Snakeberry Core: CA-215 Arms: AB-107D [barry Bull] Legs: L20 Foal FCS: Fs-L-E28 Generator: Ge-D-G23 Boosters: Bo-C-L13 Recon: ASATORI mdl.3 Weapon L/R: Au-L-K37 [3 to attack power] Bay L/R: AM/SRB-112 [3 to attack power] Shoulder: MURATORI mdl.2 So, I was looking at the 12 shot Sawa, and I thought to myself that I need to strap these to something. Realizing that the reserve magazine existed, I set out to create this AC. The reserve magazine boosts the measly 12 shots this Sawa has to a gargantuan 31. Easily enough to kill an entire team providing you land the shots, especially with the monstrous 6402 TE power they get. I've done 10K damage in a volley to a non-TE defended mid-weight, to which I concluded that this gun is utterly terrifying. Of course for my backup gun, I knew which one the reserve magazine would benefit most while keeping this AC terrifying to tanks and heavies alike. The 8 shots on the AM/SRB-112 become 20 when the 160% bonus from the magazine kicks in. The very low lock time is very beneficial to this build due to my inability to have both reserve magazines and super computers, otherwise I'd slap a different sniper rifle on it. Originally planned to be an RJ, but none of the RJ legs that could carry all the weapons satisfied me. The Foal has a balance of speed and KE defence that I want that makes this AC deflect every KE and CE weapon that aren't cannons. Just have to be careful around TE weapons.
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