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  1. Griffon

    Street Fighter 6

    If I recall correctly, the denizens of ACU tended to be quite avid Street Fighter fans. I remember getting in a few rounds with some of you here and there back in SF4. That said, how is everyone enjoying Street Fighter 6? I wasn't a big fan of 5, so I thin this is certainly a step in the right direction, there's so much stuff to do even for single player, I think it's amazing. I admit I'm struggling to find a character though, since none of my older mains have made the cut yet, here's hoping for season 2 at least.
  2. Griffon

    Taurus's Art Deck

    Oh wow, I remember seeing your art a long time ago, I always remember your old characteristic shading style, almost didn't recognize your new stuff. Awesome to see you're still doing it!
  3. Not like there's a whole lot more to talk about that's AC related. Anyway, submitted my designs, 2 for AA, and 2 for LR
  4. A bit late maybe, but somebody posted this on the ACG a long time ago. It's an original track he created inspired by AC music. It's pretty damn good.
  5. I don't know how many more you need, but I might be able to whip up a couple for AA and AC3-LR each this weekend. Will LR be used to build and judge the AC3-LR category, or will AC3-SL designs be constructed in their respective games?
  6. So despite having been away for a while, for whatever reason lately I've been on a good ol' AC kick, reminiscing about the old games and anxiously awaiting any kind of news for AC6. And after playing a bunch of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, I got tot thinking what influence the success of those games may have on a future AC title. Do you think it'll be something as simple as DS making FROM such a huge name now, so when a trailer or something gets released people will actually pay attention? They'll see the words "FROM SOFTWARE" on screen and be glued to it, take a look at the cool giant robots blowing crap up, and see the title and go "Oh, Armored Core, I've heard of that but never played it. I didn't know it was from the Dark Souls guys.", at the very least bringing in a whole new mass of players. Or do you think they'll implement certain gameplay mechanics? There are already some similarities, like stamina works just like your generator, rings/runes are optional parts, and even the L-ar,/R-arm dynamic feels familiar to the old games. Conceivably they could introduce an invasion system where, similar to joining certain covenants, accepting a contract for a corporation or faction could cause you to invade or "intercept" other players taking missions against that particular client. Or perhaps reworking the boost/jump/quickboost system to reflect the Souls run/dodge setup? What do you guys think might be in store for the series now that it's no longer FROMS flagship title?
  7. Griffon

    Street Fighter V

    Anybody on here pre-order the game to get the beta? I remember fighting a couple of you guys before on SF4, was wondering if maybe I'll see some of you on.
  8. Why is that? From what I understand, many of them sold quite well.
  9. Naw, 2002 UM > 98 because it doesn't have Sports Team, and I can't block that gamera cross up. It's actually really fun if you get a full team of 4 players. Granted, requiring everybody to have a GBA and link cable, most didn't get to experience the game at its best. I should also probably mention I'm not a big fan of the standard FF formula, so that may have contributed to my enjoyment of crystal chronicles.
  10. My top 15? Oh man, let's see. - Super Metroid - Shadow of the Colossus - Portal (1 & 2) - Armored Core 3 & Silent Line - Tetris - Guilty Gear (XX series & Xrd) - Capcom VS SNK 2 - Extreme G - Call of Duty 4 - Patapon (1 & 2) - F-Zero GX - King of Fighters (2002 UM & XIII) - Front Mission 4 - Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening - Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles There you go, a list of my top 15 games that I can think of right now, all compiled in a list that nobody will read.
  11. Gonna use this thread to ask a question of my own. Does anybody have any ideas on how to paint an AC model like the Nineball one that have the emblem on the plastic? I mean I want the emblem there, but it's not like they have it as a decal that can be put on afterwards.
  12. Griffon

    Street Fighter V

    Street Fighter has moved down a bit on my list of favorite fighters, but Charlie looked like he could be a lot of fun, so I'm not completely unhyped for the game.
  13. http://nichegamer.com/2015/03/the-original-armored-core-is-becoming-a-ps1-classic-this-week/ http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/03/22/the-drop-new-playstation-games-for-324/ This week (Tuesday, probably), the PSN store will be releasing the original Armored Core under its PSone Classics. Great news for guys like me who didn't play the PS1 titles. It's gonna be good to get back in the saddle.
  14. Wonder what this means for the future of AC though. I mean, it seems pretty clear that Kadokawa bought them because of their success with Dark Souls.
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